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Childish, whiny babies


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I remember when I was watching 2 kids fight over a toy one child had. The one child thought he should have the toy, even thought the toy wasnt his, it belonged to the other child.


Today belongs to the earliest preordersers. Not you. You dont like it? Tough. Its not about you. Todays early access people get to enjoy lightly populated servers without a whole lot of chat, and get most free reign on quest mob kills, which wont be the case in a week.





That is how I view every single last one of you whiny babies saying you've "lost interest in this game" or that "BW has messed this up" or that "you should be in because other people are in"

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Good Evening!


We ask that topics posted in General Discussion stay focused on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Since this thread is off-topic, we're going to close it. We appreciate your feedback, as well as taking the time to express your thoughts and concerns, but will be closing this thread as there is little room for constructive discussion. A reminder that regardless of the topic, it is part of our Rules of Conduct that:

  • Never insult another member of the community.
  • Respect other community members, whether they agree with you or not.
  • Flag, don't fight. Use the "flag" feature to report posts to our Community Team if you see someone breaking the rules – don't respond to them!
  • Don't make spam posts like "first," "in before the lock," or "bump."
  • Make constructive, on-topic posts that add to the discussion.

Thank you for understanding.

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