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Great job BW, looking forward to playing


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I think this staggered access is brilliant, I also think that adding 2 extra days is brilliant. You know why? Because most people will be in by Thur. getting their 5 days, that will definitely cover most pre-orders, I imagine the very last getting on by Fri.


Tomorrow the waves will be bigger than today, as will Thur., meaning August, Sept. and most likely all of oct. will be covered by Thur. I"m guessing the last bit of pre-orders gets in by Fri. This way everyone gets at least 5-4 days of early access, which is far better than if they had started on the 15th isn't it? It also gives them time to work on any stuff like the extra xp in WZ etc. So stick your chin up folks and be happy that we'll be on soon.

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