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  1. Jedi Cov .. this is exactly how the lag started after SoR came out too
  2. was trying to do my bounty hunter contract stuff on DK and instance 1 was at 137 players .. instance 2 at 46 players / the lag was making controls insane .. I usually mouse turn BUT it kept over adjusting due to lag since today.. IS the max number of instances 2 or do we have a large number of players back for a few days again? IF there is going to be a double XP weekend , which always brings back a few players COULD you please figure out a way to control LAG before it opens. (I don't understand the idea of doubt xp as I am always way beyond story content by the time I hit Nar Shaddaa anyway but meh) either that or maybe you could give subbed players a "freeze" sub option for these weekends so we can NOT suffer incredible lag and often unplayable circumstances then I will just take a week off every time you offer it and save myself frustration
  3. be happy you have a maxed up legacy. I have one server full of characters all mid 30 to mid 40s from when the game first came out BUT for some reason they didn't bother to give me ANY points into legacy is the legacy is level 1 and 0 xp in it as for playing and deleting it is easy to just get bored .. I have too many alts myself and usually get to around 30 to 40 then start a new character due to boredom or desire to have a different type of crafter which then ends up with me unable to remember where I was in the story line so I often never get back to that character or struggle with it.
  4. sadly this is common. it gets started with KDY because you can run it with 3 DPS and a healer (I often get pulled into it with my lower level healers and it is usually 3 DPS and me as heals also sadly I HATE KDY and I AM SO BORED OF IT BEING THE ONLY ONE LOWER LEVELS GET TO DO). now this is part of it but not all of it since they do this on most games .. the correct solution is to LET them pull .. switch stances and let them die .. Please just warn the healer before you do this as I for one hate being flattened because you need to teach DPS how to play their spec
  5. ty for the info BUT still not getting anything out of them save the very seldom mission item .. I am thinking they may have the stupid drop percentage turned down a bit too low .. I know when the game had a lot of people leveling slicing through this range there were a lot of the space ship schemes BUT then that was because there were so many people doing it.. NOW there are a lot fewer and it seems the numbers are drastically too low .. not sure still trying but with 2 characters now running just short of 4 missions every hour and 1 running 6 for 3 hours a day this number you would think would have at least a couple ship schemes dropping BUT I have seen absolutely none .. for the 2 month before I was running only 1 in the same time periods and I never saw them so I am just trying to make sure that they even drop still.. has anyone seen them recently??
  6. I know I have bought a few BUT I have yet to have any ship parts drop since beginning of November .. I have 2 characters with 400 skill in slicing and doing 3 missions each I have yet to get any spaceship grade 6 part schemes to drop .. and 3 to 4 times a day for just over 2 months and yet nothing I know I have read somewhere that the schemes have a lower chance to drop but this seems a little too low
  7. the upside to doing HUGE upgrades is that you can avoid the issue of having games not working right for a while.. YOU don't have to upgrade for this game BUT if you want to upgrade and have the money to spare I say go for it.. Just don't expect it to make this game run better.. I will also point out that a lot of the lag and issues seem to be with the higher end systems almost as if there are conflicts since the game wasn't built around them.. again IF you want the high end system GO for it .. I spent a lot a year ago or 2 to upgrade this one so I didn't have to worry about it for a bit.. just make sure you have your bottle of compressed gas and you should be find for a very long time.
  8. I don't know maybe they get free CC for trying to say .. IT ISN'T them.. I always laugh at these responses .. because I am willing to admit NOT everyone is suffering from lag supposedly (although I bet it is more about how much lag they are willing to tolerate) THEY will never admit someone else has lag ..
  9. I looked it up .. I had a 7900 GTS video card on my first computer with only 512mb video card.. It worked well at near max video .. this game really doesn't need a lot of video card .. NOW if you are upgrading for the sake of upgrading I will say GO FOR IT.. but I doubt I really HIGH end machine will make a huge difference in SWTOR
  10. CoX I played both on villains and hero side and I know that this game was better grouped (there were also a LOT of really good friendly players who "helped" each other just because it was the right thing to do [sadly I left there and went and played champions online when it came out and that was a bad idea]). LotRO was possible to solo but really really slow.. and often painful (though I liked the mix and stopped playing after they changed things to a FTP basis and I thought the FTP was a cheat since in reality the game really couldn't be played FTP at all).. This game went more along the line of WoW with a lot of soloing BUT they added a companion so solo content was often trivial and even 2 to 4 man heroics were pretty easy even when near your level at times (4 man you could usually pull off soloing when it was 1 level to greyed out).. It has always been the fact that as a single player you really have 2 characters (which I guess removes some double boxing of the game that is VERY common in other games) .. If you are a tank you take a healer Comp .. healer take a tank companion and in both these instances have it made.. the only problem is DPS as they aren't durable enough nor have enough or even any self healing to do the same as the tank/healer does and this is always going to be and should always be a problem since the only way to avoid it is to make their damage ungodly and then PvP would be nuts.. I for one don't hate the game just the way it is being handled from the aspect of repairing issues when they occur .. IT is a month after lag was complained about after SoR came out and still they are "looking into it" .. I would think that they should at least KNOW something but they seem to be still lost in the dark.
  11. ok I will say I have complained about lag since the very first day that SoR came out BUT I don't always have crippling lag (and YES I mean crippling as the deaths due to lag are usual not irregular which can be equated to unplayable.. the new systems require abilities to be used to get tanking buffs .. damage adds .. and no with standing a healer who is trapped in lag packets is NOT healing just standing there) .. removing Bitraider 2 days ago from my computer helped a bit and then last night I was lagging badly with 40 players showing on a map. when I changed instances of the map my lag dropped to just noticeable .. I am completely unsure why the engine for SWTOR is so flaky with only 40 players at times .. THIS is an MMO not a single player (if it was a single player I wouldn't need to sub/pay for a bunch of extra stuff all the time to get full benefits of the game) .. I agree that HIGH population to a world makes the game or any game lag but SWTORs threshold seems to have dropped since November and has ALWAYS been way worse than any other game I have ever played.
  12. My old computer that I was using to play this game worked better in many ways than my new one with 24gb of ram and dedicated video of 2 gb.. my old computer was only 8 gb and had an older Nvidia card (can't remember the ram in it atm) it isn't the system atm I don't think .. internet lag/latency is pretty good and ping alright (10gb listed for DL though actual speed is 15, 2 GB UL though showing 5 gb (don't tell my provider pls) .. worst case 43MS on the ping and the majority of that once it gets to Austin area) .. there is no real reason to upgrade for this game as it CAN and will run under a lot less than the 16 GB you are showing .. we can only hope the DEVs fix whatever seems to be causing the issues with lag.. I will say I have never had an FPS issue with this game back when the game came out to now the FPS is NOT the issue I have. also if talking about video Ram I would suggest reading http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-myths,3694-5.html as video ram makes less difference than you might think.. I do question someone saying they have 16gb video ram though.. and if so WHY? most games today should run very well on a 2 year old computer as this is the USUAL benchmark as a max system (there are exceptions to this rule such as AoC when it came out they were benchmarked closer to the newest and best when it came out which was one of the reasons IT failed so bad)
  13. though I am not overly impressed with the lack of knowledge after 4 weeks of this I will say ty for finally posting to let us know someone has actually read this.. I will also mention that yesterday I reinstalled the game using the non streaming option found http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7826333 the LLLOOONNNNGGG download not with standing I will say it helped a bit.. Alderaan was playable with 40 to 50 players in the zone and little lag at first with later on larger spikes of lag that DID eventually die off for a bit where as I was getting constant lag.. Not sure if everyone using the streaming version will want to try this but I found it helped a bit even if it didn't "fix" it completely..
  14. I can see your point BUT have serious issue with the idea of paying for my sub for a month after paying for an expansion that in effect made the game painful to even play.. They refuse to admit there is an issue and why?? because they might have to reimburse players in some way for this past month during which the game has been borderline borked and then have the people at BW seemingly decide a couple weeks on holidays for them will make it all better. I didn't like the changes to the talent/skill trees but I could live with it, it didn't kill me once I got use to it though I did feel it was the lazy way out of a troubling situation.. But the lag and broken crap in the game with the implementation after SoR is insane and add insult to injury they don't bother even trying to fix it for 2 weeks "for their holidays".. I worked EVERY holiday for 22 years because the world doesn't stop for holidays .. They have taken to also ignoring customers and FAIL to read (or at least fail to comprehend) petitions and/or complaints .. frankly it is a sad state of affairs and makes me think they are just trying to milk the last dredges out of the game before closing it down
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