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  1. I post this at the risk of getting flamed by you, since that seems to be your reflex reaction every time someone posts something that is truth, but you don't want to hear. The problem here is that you are expecting PUGs to be run just like Guilds. What I mean is this: PUG raids and Guild raids have different goals and as a result, they have different ways of approaching the same raid. Because of that, they have different expectations for the type of people they will accept. A PUG raid just wants to get in, kill as many bosses as they can and get out in the fastest time possible, with the least amount of time and effort investment needed. They have no interest in teaching someone because it slows them down, and they have no reason to want to invest all the time and effort into teaching someone that they'll never see again. A new player hurts their chance at getting bosses killed, and that's all they're there for - to kill bosses right now. What does the PUG gain from teaching a new player? Not a lot, since all it's going to do is result in them going much slower, and that's against the goals of the PUG. Sure, YOU get a lot out of it - you get to see new content, you maybe can get better gear if you manage to kill a boss or two, you get to do new stuff... it's all awesome for you. But the other people don't really get anything out of it because instead of killing 5 bosses, maybe they only down 2 as a result of having a raider (and a tank at that) that doesn't know what to do. A Guild raid, however, does want to accomplish those same goals, but they look at it more long term. Guilds invest time and energy into teaching players because they know that over the long term, it will allow them to progress further than a PUG and do harder content than a PUG can do. The Guild is willing to take a chance on you (if you find the right guild that has an opening for you), because they know that over time, you will contribute, you will be all about the team first, and you will allow them to do content that a simple PUG cannot. The main problem you're having is that you expect a PUG to treat you the same way a Guild would. However, this is highly unlikely because their goals are different. PUGs are all about succeeding NOW, while Guilds are all about succeeding over the long term, even if it means a bit less progression today. Until you can understand that you have multiple points of view you need to look at this from, it's going to continue to be a source of anger and frustration for you.
  2. Let's not derail this by thinking it's about MVP votes because it's not. Obviously, it's nice to be appreciated by the people on your team, but the real problem is that these maps require one or two people on your team to voluntarily want to do nothing. Maps should be encouraging PvP, not the opposite. While I personally hate Voidstar with a passion (due to the way the opposing team gets to farm you for 5 minutes if your team is horrrible), it's done at least more correctly. Like Huttball, in Voidstar everyone gets a chance to be involved, to play and to have fun.
  3. That's kind of my point. If there isn't someone in the pug who says "I don't want to do this dirty work because it's no fun, but if I don't do it, nobody will and then we'll lose" then you're screwed. Bioware should be putting more effort into making warzone game types that don't involve one or two people basically standing there away from all the action doing nothing. It's no fun for them - they want to be PvPing. Of course, they should be putting more effort into making more PvP maps, period, but that's besides the point.
  4. Yeah, there's bad players. You'll never stop that. But it doesn't really bother me that much. Honestly, that's fine. Not everyone can be a superstar. As long as they try, it's ok. No, the thing I dislike the most about the warzones is actually the maps themselves. Although some of them can be fun, the problem is so many of the maps are set up with objectives that need someone to defend it. In pugs, nobody wants to be the lone defender who sits at a node and does almost nothing the whole game. It's not fun for most people. Civil War, Novare, Hypergate... it's rare for the random pug to want to play defense. so half the time you get nobody staying at a node (which causes more rage - always from the people who can't be bothered to be the one defending of course), and even the person defending is probably wondering why he queued for PvP in the first place. I'm not saying Voidstar is amazing or that Huttball is perfect, but aside from those two, all three of the other maps are a cap and defend scenario, where the person on defense is mostly really far away from all the action and isn't having a lot of fun. It doesn't feel good at all to watch everyone else actually pvping while you're sitting there reading Facebook. So as constructive feedback for the developers, please try to come up with more warzone game types (whenever you decide to do that) where all 8 people on the team can be involved in playing and having a good time.
  5. I was able to name my toon Lawyer. Then I ran Esseles and did the Dark Side options to get the title. The result: Lawyer the Backstabber best name ever /thread
  6. I need to have this problem one day
  7. I disagree. The more games you play, the more difficult it is to maintain a high win percentage. As a result, 150 out of 200 may very well be comparable to 300 out of 500 as a result. The more games that are played, the more true the win percentage is. 200 is hardly as dependable a sample size as 500 is.
  8. So more people are queueing more. Seems good to me.
  9. Forcing people to play ranked is a terrible idea. Lots of people pvp casually, aren't really that good, just want to have fun with their Level 60 character, and don't want to be pressured or reamed out by elitist *****s people like you in warzones every time they do something wrong or do something you don't like because of your precious rating.
  10. meh 10's are fine. I think it should be 10-29, 30-49 and 50-59. It's obviously by now that the upper 50's need their own bracket since Bioware won't fix it.
  11. just got in a lowbie wz that was a 4v4 arena. our team had 4 healers, the other team had 1 tank, 1 dps and 2 healers. I quit before it started. I don't care if that makes me the evil subject of this thread. Ain't no way I'm going through that punishment.
  12. So the person that stands and defends Grass, the job that nobody wants to do but is vital towards winning the warzone, is punished, but the people mindlessly deathmatching on the roads and contribute nothing to the win are rewarded. Terrible idea is terrible.
  13. If you want to add me to your friends list, my 17 healer Smuggler is named Lawyer. I do have a couple of Republic 55's but haven't dusted them off since I resubbed. I'll try to level it up to 30 quickly so I can do some midbies. PM me anytime for some group warzones.
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