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  1. The biggest thing they did was cater to the casual gamers. Making the game to easy on pve aspect screwed them when it came to end game. Far to easy for players to burn threw. Pvp wise they fuked with world pvp. Not enough mix of players crossing. Orgin planets I get, all the other planet should of had major flow of action if players crossed Paths. Illum well that speaks for itself. Warzones are fine but they lack large scale warzones. Limit of 8 Players per side??? Really is that all they can manage? I was pumped for this game an enjoy the hell out of it when I was sub. I did NOT unsub because of the price. Game as a whole is worth the monthly fee if the add on to it as promised and fixed it up as they went. I have moved on to another mmo, an I don't believe I'll be coming back even when it's free. EA is a company that has ruined many other game in which I enjoyed in the past until they merged or bought them. Today those games are still being made but now they are cheap an dumb. An I have a good feeling that ToR is going to suffer the same fate. Let's put warhammer guy (don't recall the name) in charge, you know he did so well with the mmo warhammer. It's a shame this game has turned out to be just like Swg. I'm not certain which one was a bigger failure at this point.
  2. Idk, I was bored to tears with the one fight. Advance to a base die an o look here they come to our base
  3. Ok first OP I can say I agree with adding in arena. NOW LET ME POINT OUT that wow balance was BASED on 5v5 NOT 2v2 or 3v3. Seen a post commented or mentioned about warlock priest combo an how it wouldn't work-WRONG. They had that combo up above 2k rating. It is a very powerful combo due to the fact the priest can do good dmg as well as heal his partner. I'm not here to debat wow in term of balance (which I feel it's pretty damn balance) or any of what that game does but I did have to point that out. Though if tor made arena with a similar system for rating I did believ rewards should be fluff or armor with zero mods but a very different look that those who was able to aquire it stood out from all other and didn't gain a single bit of advantage. I personally didn't mind the difference in armor in wow. Was fun to try and obtain. But this game (tor) isn't wow so I think the change should be fluff based with unique looks of armor. My 2c an comment on something pertaining to wow
  4. I agree. Only thing I find really bad but tolerable is how the characters move in gw2. Doesn't seem fluid enough an a bit corny. The animations are good in gw2, not to mention the weapon swap type thig they got. Though I personally don't agree with all abilities from what I've seen can be done while running around. Kinda silly from past mmo I've played an now this style of moving an casting. Seems to make since to have to stand still with some abilities while others you can move. Is what it is. Btw I am using my phone to post can't add all these together
  5. Cool idea you've got. But it's a shame that they fooked up on system requirements an made the high specs of what should of been the low specs. Not to mention they do need to smooth out the engine to be able to keep up with muilti players actions in one given instance. But info like your idea of presenting areas of warzones from areas on planets
  6. Character movement an special affects are pretty darn nice. Flows very well together. Pvp could be very exciting in this game for sure. Large scale pvp warzones would be a very big positive thing. Not to mention an arena based system that does 2v2 3v3 and 4v4. Start that with 4 maps, large enough for 4 players to take advantage of LOS an other objects. Do a cross sever a for warzones and arena type play (with rated warzones) and the game could pick up pace on subs. Reduce the cc in the game or provide healers with the ability to remove all movement impairing affects from slows to total lose of control. Stuns shouldn't be removed but should only take any 2 of them to fill a resolve bar. This game is dieing in subs because they can not provide enough content fast enough for both pvp and pve. Not to mention fixes on the current game issues. While I do think if they put a lot of focus on the things I mentioned ( I sure some disagree an that's fine) an communicated on the status of things often, we could see populations rise up to a amount of players. Won't get what they had at launch, but word of mouth from players with these changes would help an provide a nice good player base for all to enjoy. But op yes the game flow an animations from a player controlled toon has some very good graphics an smooth play. Hopefully they can pick up a faster pace on things to increase our player base
  7. Don't worry OP it will be over soon enough with the dwindling population. OR WILL IT? After all it is going f2p an I think player base will pick up a tiny bite before failing again. Be prepared forked of that
  8. I agree. Take a good amount of time to get to legacy 25 an they turn around an charge absurd prices. I don't do dailies so to me those prices are jacked way to high. Pvp is what I do, not run around and fight mobs to earn coin for a few hours. I don't find grinding dailies entertaining as I do pvp. So to the person that claims its reasonable I find it to exsessive when each match in a war zone only grants roughly 6k. I bet you would claim the same if those dailies only provided 5-6k coin
  9. Pvp severs seem to be dwindling down in numbers by a lot. Don't think I've seen a heavy server in a few weeks let a lone a very heavy server. I think you are underestimating the sever populations. Also I wonder how can you determine a premades from friends just grouping up an playing together just for fun as you put it? Not to mention since a pug player is 1 person do you throw those people that group up an are a group size of two players into a premade? Personally it doesn't bother me if these so called "premades" pvp in war zones. Maybe the smash the group threw good team play maybe not. Either way at least they are pvping in warzones. Can't blame them for good team play when a pug knows the objectives per map but fails to play as a team.
  10. I'm not sure I can agree to that. Premade players pay a sub just like you and play the same game as you. So why should they be punished because they group up with people in a MMO? This isn't a single player game, it encourages you as a player to group up. If you don't the that is your choice a lone. It's a game people play together, weather it's pvp or pve. You don't have to take part in muilti player areas if you don't want to. Edit: Btw I don't think it would be smart to reduce the player pull of a dwindling population as it is. If q times are slightly high now an you split up premades to pugs well those q times would increase even more. That would be a smart thing to ask for
  11. I had the same thought when I was playing. Only difference was during my play this past sat/sun was it seemed more like 60-70 players. So many people in one area I could even see the npc I was killing. But I didn't have a single issue with lag nor flutter as you put it. Ran smooth as a hot knife threw butter.
  12. I can not say weather it is or not. But I can wonder *** they are testing. They arent pushing out enough content to hold subs how do they expect to test the little tiny bit of content they plan on putting out when the numbers are dropping every day from the looks of sever loads. Going from very heavy/ heavy on average everyday an all night to an average of standard not matter what day of the week.
  13. To be honest some of the things people that currently post as a desire I find (personally) to be far from what is needed to be a small desire in terms of game performance and or content. For a example chat bubbles should have already been in game an could be a small minor amount of work to put in. How ever they need to fix a lot more on the game then add in small desires by the community. The game needs massive work on the game engine so it can function well an hold possiable large scale pvp battles. Heck they can't even build a large scale war zone due to the current ones have issues with 16 players. I would full support this had BW/EA been very aggressive on fixing the game all around an pumping out content like they claimed they would not to mention like they should of.
  14. I've got to say op, it's a mission impossible to get them to do anything at all. Heck they can't even give direct answers as a CEO let a lone get a dev to provide more of anything when it comes to the game. Very poor marketing development after launch from bug fixes to correcting an pushing content. It's a shame an a Mission Impossiable
  15. To be honest it is not a good idea. I highly dought that even 1/4 of the games population even visits these forums let a lone post on here. While it would be a great idea had everyone gotten on forums but that's not the case. Personally I don't care who the majority of the crowd is, the game needs hardcore players to get the developers to push content out, pvpers- hardcore an casual to keep the flow moving in the right direction in terms of balance and future competitive types of pvp. Unfortunately the developers are slow in communication, development, and fixing issues with game eng bugs an so on. While it is a creative thought I don't believe a minor few people should format the games future threw a pole
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