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  1. It feels like 2012 in here.... ahhhh the good ol days.

    Expertise system

    Did I see 8 replies from admins on one post?
  3. Murk1n waiting until I leave work to start streaming those losses...
  4. Honestly... these were all done while grinding my Pyro set and eliminator set bonus. Full war hero but was just starting my min/max for my Pyro build during these. I've heard of people grinding AP gear but not something I've ever looked into since it isn't something I plan on bringing to rated. I grind my gear for rated and have fun with off specs in regs.
  5. The 10/31/0 or 8/31/2 can be fun and effective for regs. Like mentioned above, also a great 1v1 spec. Not completely useless A loss but, get's the point across.. Another loss but these are the games where stats often shine... Can't carry em all. Not many hybrids or half hybrids in this case, can pull these numbers off. Again... all of these are from regs and I can't see it being viable in rated, at least not with the current status of our server. But really a fun spec to play and if done right capable of some impressive numbers. Ap is good for consistent damage with damn near everything hitting for 2-5K and very easy heat management, but has nowhere near the burst of Pyro and in competitive PvP burst rules all. In the end... I advise anyone rolling a PT to go pyro.
  6. I don't always quit video games...
  7. I don't always brag about winning...
  8. People who quote an entire wall of text in the forums...
  9. The other thing that really annoys me in PvP is people who clearly don't understand the game mechanics and call them hacks instead. Not to say there aren't any... but there are definitely hardly any. I've put in a ridiculous amount of time into this game and never once seen anything that without a doubt I would call a hack. I see plenty of bugs though, no resolve and CC not taking effect (Not unstoppable or entrench) and I also see a lot of abilities like interceding to a stealther, carnage predation back to back or stacked with sprint, overload working through force shroud being misunderstood. Etc...
  10. i·ro·ny /ˈīrənē/ Noun The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. Adjective Of or like iron: "an irony gray color". Synonyms noun. taunt - sarcasm adjective. iron - ferreous - ferrous Example: One person on a Star Wars video game forum calling another person a "nerd"
  11. LOL.... those guys... unfortunately, even with it broke down this simply... most of them just won't understand it.
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