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  1. I got invited to this but I'm laughing at how many people think this is legit... This obviously went out to anyone/everyone on the forums....they are troll filling a teamspeak likely to win a free teamspeak server. Do you honestly think 100+ random guilds from random servers are going to have a civil chat? This amused me...goodnight.
  2. They go and change the Ilum Daily/Weekly to be available in Warzones...which I'm cool with....the O_o part comes when you start doing the math... 3 kills per Warzone.... 0/30 required for the DAILY 0/150 required for the WEEKLY 30 divided by 3....10 150 divided by 3...50 <----- Avg WarZone: 15~20min. 17.5 x 10 = 175 minutes....divided by 60 = 3 hours to complete 1 PvP DAILY. 17.5 x 50 = 875 minutes....divided by 60 = 14.5 hours to complete the Weekly... Average time of completion when in Ilum: Daily - Roughly 30 minutes Weekly - Roughly an hour and a half.... Sense.....
  3. I watched the first 2 panels then had to duck to work...is the Replay available anywhere atm?
  4. Found it: http://www.gamebreaker.tv/video-game-shows/star-wars-the-old-republic-video/the-republic-swtor-show/ 30-35 mins....into the video they discuss end game raiding compared to Rift and SWTOR and what causes the death of MMOs when developers ignore High End Raiders/Don't fix bugs.
  5. I am trying to find the video discussing exactly this in depth...give me a minute. Many podcasts have discussed this topic as the Death of SWTOR.
  6. Because the top 1% of the Raiding world depicts how long of a life a PvE oriented MMO has to live. Lets examine Rift....great first 6 months...many top WoW guilds switched...Greenscale came out and Trion ignored bugs like BioWare is about to do by ignoring SoA's issues...and just released new content neglecting the old...(A cop out to many 1% Raiders) In response...Top Raiders quit....the game died off fast. Look at SWTORs beta/free month....tons and tons of people....then they get to end game....and now a ton of servers are ghost towns. Why? Because the 1% did not stick around...and when the 1% don't stick around the 99% take notice...and they think the 1% know something isnt worth playing so they leave too.
  7. Do you think BioWare did the smart thing and actually went out of their way to invite Top WoW World Raiding Guilds to their Guild Summit that do not play their game to ask them what SWTOR is missing that WoW has or why they played beta but never switched for SWTOR over WoW. Because I think the hardest honest truths would come out of the Top World guilds who will lay out on a silver platter with no hand holding "But its a good game." low end guilds would say and just hit BioWare hard with the hard truth of the matter of what realistically needs to change ASAP so that BioWare re-aligns priorities if they wish to save their MMORPG.
  8. I'd probably pay $10 to transfer but nothing more than that. The games not doing so well for me to drop a premium $25 like WoW to switch. I'm meerly willing to switch to find more people to PvP with.
  9. Just curious because the server population on most servers has tanked.... And Only 3 servers really idle in the "Heavy" zone and I'd like to transfer to them sometime relatively before I decide if I'm going to leave the game for GW2. ...
  10. I made this post and accidentally forgot about it lol....and here I got one Dev...confirming its going to be discussed...and a Coordinator covering BioWare's bums by saying he doesnt know if thats 100%
  11. Do you know how many 5% resets we've had on SoA NiM because he just leaves the fight? I'd take a guess probably not...thats not something that should need 7 days to patch...that is something that should be fixed THAT NIGHT without bringing the servers down. Or at most a rolling restart.
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