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  1. Honestly if you're gonna get a PC that expensive, best bet is to build it yourself or find a friend who knows how to. At the price of these things I could build far better PCs at around like 2/3rds of the price. Its also not that hard or complicated.
  2. Seriously? Are you freaking serious?
  3. They don't. Most of the population of the galaxy is located around the center.
  4. As someone who recently got into coding (Okay not really recently, but I'm still not very good) I'm still not sure exactly how TDD differs from the normal way of doing things.
  5. You should get your connection checked. Don't have that here either.
  6. These 3 are the only things that actually need to be in. And none of them need to be a high priority.
  7. I would rather not prefer this. I have two 30+ guilds that hate me because I told one of their guild leaders to go **** himself and I would rather not get player rating bombed.
  8. Palpatine was the second most powerful force user ever. Hiding his presence in the force around the Jedi was pretty easy. Even then that power is a highly specialized skill that very few force users ever learn.
  9. Yes, lets try to get past the 50+ ships that would easily blow you out of the sky if you even tried, the hundreds of defense systems on said planets that would also blow you out of the sky, and the fact that even if you did land you would be gibbed within an hour by the entire garrisons of soldiers on both Coruscant and Dromund Kaas and lets not forget the hundreds of Jedi and Sith.
  10. Didn't like it. Person who wrote it was reviewing it against his expectations and not how the game was.
  11. This sounds great for most programs, except in a Game Engine this won't work very well. In a Game Engine you have so many parts working together and are intertwined so deeply that you can't just focus on fixing one part until it runs bug free.
  12. Try finding room as an DPS. I've gone so many nights without a raid its not even funny.
  13. Lightsabers are a beam of plasma kept in place by a magnetic field, when it hits another lightsaber, the magnetic fields push away from each other, when it hits an object the object goes through the magnetic field and is burned by the plasma.
  14. I think its the step in the right direction, its just to... bright and flashy. Needs to be a tiny bit more subtle.
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