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  1. Problem is that you pay $20 for one planet and five levels worth of content, when we paid $/€50 for a game with fifty levels and over ten planets worth of content. I don't feel it quite adds up. An expansion pack should cover a whole new chapter of your personal story rather than just the start of it. And if we do get a whole chapter that happens on that single planet it'd be pretty laughable.
  2. Just in my defence. The last time the topic was mentioned according to the search function was back in July. I'd say it was a fair topic to make. Second, my opinion on the matter is irrelevant. A man speaking on behalf of the whole TOR team (since he was the leader of it back in March) promised the fans they'd add them before the end of 2012. Especially if you make those promises to try and stop people from cancelling their subscriptions you should keep them. They said at an official guild summit they were committed to adding those, thus, they should deliver on that. Otherwise it could well be considered false advertising.
  3. So, way back in the spring we were promised that we were getting same gender romance arcs in 2012 still. With barely 13 days left in the year it seems like this is a promise they aren't keeping. (For evidence, this was said at the Guild Summit by Daniel Erickson himself, the Q&A transcript you can read here ) BUT, we have an expansion pack coming, and a chance to add story to the game, so now I wonder, will you now make good on that and give gamers what they've come to expect of Bioware games ever since Knights of the Old Republic back in 2003?
  4. I'm pretty sure Chiss don't grow beards at all.
  5. Erm, they do read the suggestions. There are two problems though. A metric ton of them are rubbish. Or they are good suggestions, for a game that isn't TOR. And the genuinely good ones, well, you don't just create a whole new planet overnight, or new game mechanics, these things need to be evaluated, discussed. And if it gets OKed they need to find a place for it alongside the updates and additions to the game they already HAD planned and are probably already working on. And then actually made (which contrary to popular belief is often not something you can do in an afternoon), so the time between a good idea getting posted and genuinely getting put into the game could easily take over half a year or more depending on the volume of the suggestion. That said, we already have things like our group finder, UI editor and match to chest colour thanks to user suggestions, so don't even begin to pretend that the folks at Bioware don't read these.
  6. It's not a very Jedi like thing to do, wouldn't you agree? It'd feel more than a bit out of character to see Jedi using this. Sith, sure, but Jedi, no. And there lies the problem, if the Inquisitor gets this, the Sage would need a mirror ability of it. So long story short, this most likely won't be added to the game.
  7. Now I don't think they're that bad, well, some of them are. But there are haircuts you can use. And while I certainly would like more and longer hair styles, I would imagine it might be due to technical limitations, what with having to ensure long hair doesn't clip into gear (like those larger Sith shoulder pads, or Trooper backpacks). Plus animating the hair possibly being time consuming, or the physics engine not being suited for long hair without it looking weird. But none the less, I would really appreciate it if they would make it work some day.
  8. I'd like to be able to re-arrange my Twi'lek's lekku whenever I feel like it regardless of what she's wearing, personally. But that would certainly help.
  9. Besides, if you spacebar everything you can typically do a starter planet in in three hours or less. It's not a world of effort to get back to level 10. And at higher levels it'd be risky since: 1) All your gear would be useless, particularly with classes where your character uses a completely different kind of weapon and/or armour class depending on what AC you are. 2) You would possibly have to go broke on buying all the skills you've missed out on, and even if they gave all the skills your class is supposed to have up to your level for free, you'd still be overwhelmed with all the new skills being handed to you AND having to settle into your new role all at once. Odds are if you'd go into a FP or Warzone right after an AC change that you'd be pretty darn useless even with all skills.
  10. I don't think the Republic uses Battle Droids, and droids that become Bounty Hunters are VERY rare. Since, well, droids becoming autonomous enough to start thinking about making credits doesn't happen often as most people wipe the memories of their droids clean every so often to avoid them doing crazy things like developing personalities. Which is another thing, people in Star Wars treat droids as tools, not people. The way Han treated 3PO was pretty normal by Star Wars standards. So you'd need to record a metric ton of new voice responses as people casually dismiss the droid and/or give them little to no gratitude for what they did. And of course, droids speak differently from humans (audio filters aside), it'd feel wrong if they just re-used the existing Trooper or BH lines. And then there's the problems with romances and (flirt) options. So in short, I don't think making a droid race for the BH/Trooper would make a whole lot of sense when you put it in context and perspective.
  11. You seem to forget that eventually there are going to be expansion packs that add whole new chapters to our character stories. The voice actors signed long term contracts with Bioware, we will be getting more story content eventually and probably a lot of it. SO the writing and voicing costs must be factored into this whether you like it or not.
  12. Here's a good enough reason for RP servers though, consistency! "... Jedi Chie?... You're... a Cathar? Weren't you a Twi'lek last night?" It'd make no sense at all and there is no way you could explain or justify it. Suck it up and just roll a new character as a Cathar.
  13. And we're not even going into production costs, all 16 player character voice actors would have to voice twice the content as now there'll be the original faction quests dialogue to voice, AND the defected faction dialogue. So that's doubling the time and cost of their voice work (not even taking into account that most of the player character voice actors also voice NPCs). Not to mention reactions FROM NPCs. "Not every day you see a Jedi on Dromund Kaas", and all that. Writing costs will also increase as now you'll need to write two class stories for each class, the one with their original faction, and the one they could've defected to. So all in all, I am fiercely against it as it'd severely slow down the rate at which Bioware can push out new content as a whole lot of stuff will need to be done twice. Not to mention from a gameplay perspective it is pointless as technically a Trooper plays the same as a Bounty Hunter anyway so what can a defected Trooper bring to the table that a BH can't? It'd also needlessly complicate PvP as now Troopers can suddenly be seen shooting at other Republic characters. So yeah... no.
  14. For the nth time, this game is NOT SWG, it will NEVER be SWG, and it SHOULDN'T be SWG, if you so direly desire SWG go play the emu or find some other total sandbox game Planetside or wait for an upcoming one like the new World of Darkness game. But let TOR be TOR. Changing it beyond recognition will ultimately do more harm than good as you alienate the original TOR fans who liked the game for what it was, and SWG fans have proven during the seven years that SWG existed that they were impossible to please. Half of you only started singing songs of praise about it after its imminent death was announced. SWG tanked and it tanked for a good reason. As an RP sandbox, it was great, as a video game to play, it was dull, oh so mind numbingly dull. And I'm saying this as someone who always plays on RP servers (and actively RPs).
  15. I'll just quote this for emphasis, not to mention Bioware said over a year ago that they'll be adding ship customisation eventually. No telling when, though! That said, I'd also like the option to invite more than a full team onto it, if I want to be so crazy as to cram a full ops group onto my freighter that's my business.
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