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  1. Yeah I suppose I could get her an XP booster here and there to help Thanks again
  2. Thanks for this "FYI", I hope it works that way. At least you came out with a 'suggestion' that doesn't involve either unsubbing or canceling the preorder. I'll see how that works out. 12X is a lot, hope it doesn't get too wide of a gap. But I can't believe the amount of trolls on these forums Cheers
  3. Yeah, definetely not that bright I am not complainign about the XP just on one of my characters NOT TO OUTLEVEL MY WIFE'S TOON Smoke less
  4. Mate, if SOE could find a way of doing this (EQ2) I am pretty sure someone who actually knows how to code shouldn't have a problem.. The real problem isn't the XP (I haven't seeen anyone saying o take it away) but the trollish answers to anyone who asks for a toggle.. nice community indeed
  5. Because the others..won't work? You should drop the substance in your nickname, not really doing you any good apparently
  6. You been advising people NOT to preorder and to go Privileged (unsub) so now you have a chance to see what happens when you go round a company's forums doing so...
  7. It's incredible. No one is asking to cancel the XP bonus or saying EA made a mistake or whatever. Why do you all have to go in 'blind rabid fanboi' mode?? For an XP switch?? Well, I'll take the advice,I am cancelling the preorder and asking for a refund and unsubbing. I'll also make sure to leave feedback detailing that I did that because I was spurred by you and others in this thread to do so (I'll put EVERY username)
  8. You should learn to read, it would avoid you embarassing moments like this
  9. Honestly, I don't understand what's wrogn with people. So your solution is basically unsubscribing or not preordering expansions?? I think EA should be made aware of people instigating others to NOT purchase their products. It's a freakign switch, not a new NGE. I personally didn't care much about it till my wife asked me to install TOR on her PC so she can try it and play with me. It's gonna be hard not to over level her when I am getting 12x the XP for my class quests. Honestly what a bunch of morons
  10. It might be a bit of burnout, on the genre or VG in general. Just saying because some years ago I felt the same and taking a longish breaks from MMOs helped.
  11. yeah true, actually I need to apologise to OP bout my remark, we all get bad days and judging someone from an outburst is quite childish
  12. That is possible, just that seeing the average level of whine and the emotional outbursts FOR A GAME, I would have thought more like 14-16 years old....
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