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  1. Exactly ^^this. We're witnessing panicked DAMAGE CONTROL in full effect. We all know that the METRICS is what they care about. And only if their metrics show something is wrong, they act. If Mr. Kanneg and Mr. Schmidt both post something here on the same day, it means that they are snowed under.
  2. Your post feels incomplete without a (1).
  3. If only there could be a job for such a task. Again: You have unsubscribed yourself before and you couldn't have cared less about the possible impact on this game. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  4. Since I had my tech fragments capped, I had to buy something from Kai today. Out of 8 boxes, I got: 4 x empty 2 x pieces that were already in my inventory 1 x piece that I just got from Kai a few seconds before (which means he sold me twice the same piece) 1 x piece of the Restorative Drive set I was still missing. So, for 8000 tech fragments, I got one piece I was after instead of the expected 8 pieces. Inflation doesn't even stop at Mr. Zykken's enterprise. Unfortunately, this is horribly bugged. And I really hope you have this properly on your buglist.
  5. If Jackie cannot even share any first thoughts about 7.1, this means that the patch isn't even on the drawing board yet. You're optimistic regarding summertime. They will do the March patch. Then they will have one patch with more bugfixes and adjustments (in regards to what Mr. Schmidt wrote) which will come in May/June. Then there'll be the summer break, so we're speaking about September as the earliest release date for 7.1. Please, someone quote me when you find out that I was right. I won't be able to call it out myself anymore after tomorrow.
  6. Dear Mr. Schmidt, thank you for your information. I appreciate your open communication. Unfortunately, in my case, it comes too late. Everything which you guys are doing now should have happened BEFORE 7.0 was pushed live. You had all the feedback you needed, months before the (delayed) release date. But you decided to not believe (or at least not listen to) the people who actually PLAY your game on a daily basis. Pretty much everyone on the PTS warned you that this won't work. No one understood this change. And just to add: Your reasoning for the change is understandable and probably backed by most of the critics. But the implications and conclusions you drew were just wrong. And for that we called you out months ago. For me, what is worse than what you actually did, is the abysmal communication strategy from you guys that led to this "expansion" fiasco. It could have been sooooo great. You had months to keep us in a good mood with posts about the 10 years anniversary. How could you botch this easy mission sooooo badly? There was simply nothing. One thread started by Jackie in December. You could have involved us. Jackie could have checked for example who are the 10 most active forumers since the Swtor forum saw the light of day (and who are still active) and she could have asked all of them to write a positive anecdote about this forum. An easy task. And I guarantee you, the regular forumers would have been thrilled to get accounted for and become a part of the 10 years jubilations. But well, too late for that. Community management, you know. It's not rocket science. But it goes a long way. My sub is running out in 19 hours and 2 minutes at the time of writing this sentence. Everything you write now and you plan to change comes too late for me. You lost a very loyal customer who invested thousands of Euros as well as hours of his life in and for this game. Gladly so. It doesn't take much to keep me happy. However, you managed to stay under my threshold, especially communication-wise, during the almost year-long build-up to 7.0. I feel so unwelcome and unwanted for quite a while. I get the vibes that I play this game wrong, according to your vision. I don't feel valued as a customer. I feel you never listened to my feedback. I feel you took away most of the things I liked to do in this game - and HOW I did them - and thus I'm under the impression that you don't want me as a player anymore. Message received, decision made accordingly. In almost three decades of subscriptions for whatever services, you guys are the first company who have tried ZERO to keep me subscribed. Not even an automated e-mail "Hey JattaGin, we noticed you unsubscribed. We don't want to lose you as a customer. You've been playing since early start, and been subbed without a break. That's commitment we appreciate. We promise to work harder to make you satisfied again. Please take this survey to let us know your thoughts, and how we can improve your enjoyment of the game. If you decide to re-subscribe by <date>, we will add 100 cartel coins to your account. It might not be much, but we hope you consider this as a sign of our appreciation. Thank you for supporting our game during all those years! Yours sincerely, the BW crew" I swear, I would have re-subscribed just because of such an e-mail. However, nothing came, so you want me out and I can only say: Good luck with your vision. Forward my greetings to Charles Boyd and thank him for the enjoyable stories before Onslaught (but including Echoes of Oblivion).
  7. Responding to myself. Maybe it helps others on this mission as well: You need to kill EN-4C on master mode. Since my sub is ending in a couple of hours, I thought that this would be a nice last achievement. First I tried VM. Didn't count. Then MM. Worked. Now I'm finally a data miner.
  8. Yes, I suppose you are in the minority. I've finished EC plenty of times before 7.0 and I know all the mechanics in my sleep. Yet, I wasn't even remotely able to clear EC after 7.0 (in 320 green gear). I didn't try with Deception, so I don't know does it work better. My infiltration shadow always performed very well in EC, so it might be that this advanced class is in a better shape for EC at the moment than other classes. For example I didn't even manage to kill the first boss on my agent. The reason for this was that my level 50 companion didn't manage to heal herself and died in 100% of my tries. I could have finished the boss without a companion by using one or two healing stations, but I didn't want to, because I need those stations for the double beast and Batman & Robin fights. For me, EC was perfectly tuned in 6.x, and it was one of my favourite repeatable contents. Now it's undoable for me. YMMV.
  9. I mean, you could be a good rolemodel and stop keeping this thread from going on.
  10. Edit: Found the answer on my EA account page. Post can be deleted (if this is a thing here).
  11. It's coming like the next installment of Game of Thrones. But seriously, you need to learn to read between the lines. When Mr. Kanneg announced this 200+ bug fix patch on 22.3., RikeVonDrake replied jokingly, this will be "Patch 7.1 The Spring Cleanup" (or something similar). And Mr. Kanneg actually replied to that joking post! Why did he reply? Do make VERY SURE that everyone understands that this is NOT patch 7.1, but only 7.01. He did that, because 7.1 is sooooo far away, he needed to make sure that no one would expect it any time soon. Why do I write that? To make you understand that weapon outfitter won't happen anytime soon. If at all. Lower your frickin' expectations. I don't think they will be able to implement it at all. They tried for years.
  12. I'm really tired of all you guys playing this game wrong. You're supposed to play MM and NiM content. Could you please stop doing all that other stuff? It's tiring! Regards, Keith /s
  13. This is almost as good a trolling as that guy... Sir Something Something. He was a legend. What was his name? I got old and forgot. You know, that Sir who single-handedly defeated Lord British in Ultima Online.
  14. I still would like to know who decided to make this change and who thought this would be a great idea for 7.0. I mean... someone must have had a thought about this, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.
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