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  1. She's willing to do whatever she wants, she doesn't ask or say sorry. She has this confidence. She's up front and bold. She doesn't play by the rules.
  2. I'd like to see more romances like her. I stood by her no matter what. Even when she lies, she has this tough girl attitude makes me melt inside. Even when she cheated on me, I caught her and guy. I turned a blind eye. She keeps it real and doesn't say sorry. She's type of in your face girl I want. Can we expect more romances like this one.
  3. That's exactly what I am saying. I used one of those boosts. I was surprised. I haven't had to yet choose a side. Normally I'm forced into choosing tank or dps. It didn't come up. I almost forgot about it till someone here mentioned how they were forced to choose. So its Normal then? It didn't ask me DPS or Jugg. I do use one handed light saber.
  4. That's exactly why I like the chapters, no grinding for 10-20 levels. You just jump right in. The boost is also really nice. I'm beaten this game on almost every toon at least once. Now I can just dive into the story. I'm sure if they're are no updates to the story in the next few months. I might become discouraged. I like the current thing they have.
  5. That was really well said. I wish I could translate my thoughts into writing that easily. Well done.
  6. This game was the most expensive MMO in history. I understand some of the hate. I really don't think players would want the game to be killed off. I myself just complain sometimes about small things to bring attention to it. There seems to be a steady increase in the remarks to outright hostile. Not saying, no one can complain about anything. There are very very valid reasons to complain. I was browning silently as I most often do reading responses. There is a disagreement then there is wishing doom on the future of the game maybe they didn't add an ops. Or perhaps maybe I just have a tiny bit more patience since I took a long extended break for about a year. Or many people complain like this normally and I just never realized it. I'm happy so far with the chapters. No boring grind to get "fun part". When you play someone new from level 1. There's a sense you have to do the grind to get to the story. I was here at very start when this game first launched. Before there was any music or command center etc. There are improvements since then. It's something I find interesting that's all.
  7. I understand they are limiting ops. They should not cut back on the story for progression. This is the main thing I play for the PVP and the story. If they limit upcoming story, some people may become disinterested. Or they could make new stories for groups but after a while people would "esc" out of them. I'm interested to play as Emperor, making big choices that affect tons of things. This is "best part" when you sit on the throne making choices to affect everyone.
  8. I was a little surprised I didn't have pick an advanced class yet. I play a boost Jugg. They never asked me if its DPS or Tank. Is that odd at all?
  9. When I came back, I did play the chapters one after the one. I soaked in the content. I was really enjoying myself. No long boring grind to get to "fun part of story" the boost really helped me dodge low burning content. I've already experienced first time around. I'm not up to speed on the changes in 4.0 or 5.0. I don't even know if they're is any content past the eternal throne. I suppose my point of view is just on progression of the story. That's exactly what was given to us in chapters. I like how they allow you to boost a max level and still go back do chapters that you haven't done. PVP mostly what I do. I suppose I'm as a happy as a fat kid with cake. I understand how they been lacking on PVE. To me, that was never a big focus. Like the other poster mentioned its our point of view. If we're not happy with this, its based on us a person what we like. There are things need to be fixed and changed. I know likely I'll burn out after the chapters. I really enjoyed it. When I read these posts. They seem so hostile and violent. They paint a horrible picture sometimes. I know most MMO. There's always a faction that is unhappy about something. I'm not sure. It's very directed. I hope it really does get better.
  10. I can totally understand that. I suppose from my view. I haven't done any chapters for several months. I was surprised honestly they had this much content. I suppose my feeling on story and choice is different someone focused on just end game raiding. I do like how they do the "Light side is stronger" much of these stuff including "commands" didn't exist a year or two ago.
  11. Of course. There are very very valid things to discuss. When I first came to this game. Tons of stuff like graphics, interface it, The constant nerfing and buffing. There are almost an endless list. I could make complaints about. I do understand difference "voicing a complaint" to "hostile ************" I suppose, I am having fun with the chapters. I just don't get why some people are not more happy. Those chapters are a ton of new content. I never played. Yes like end game raiding could use a major boost.
  12. I don't mean you when I say this person. I'm just making up a random post. Most of the time I silently read the forums, its just this hostile reaction. It's not just disagreeing with someone. It's going further. It's claiming game will fail. It's just very very detailed explaining how game will crash and burn and predictions for the future. All doom and gloom.
  13. That's not true. They're are valid things to complain about. Maybe its the language and tone, for example: Person: Oh I hate the game..why didn't the Devs do what I asked..now they're game will be a flaming burn out. I will write every few days how game is dying, even though they gave us chapters. People seem to get really really carried away when talking about the future. Of course, there are valid things to discuss. Like how PVP needs more content more often or end game raiding situation or even RNG though its random. People seem to really get caught up sometimes I think I'm reading a horror story novel.
  14. I never understood the twitch thing. I barely like to play the game myself, yet watch someone else play it. I suppose each to their own. I'm not going trash someone who feels differently then me. I don't understand watching someone on twitch play Star Wars. What about you, are you a fan of watching?
  15. I understand the game needs improvement. It much much better then when it first launch. We didn't have command center that awarded you gear based on chapters. It's fun you can play a boosted person then jump right into the story. These chapters didn't exist when I left. I spent nearly ten hours straight when I got back just playing through the story. While I understand they're is hate and anger, is it really that bad? I think not.
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