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  1. Don't worry, its only Captain Salty's thread, no big deal.
  2. My dear subject reaper firing some well aimed verbal projectiles. 10/10 great #shotsfired I approve, continue.
  3. While both are exploits, win trading is worse without doubt. Why? While both pve and PvP are for peasants, pve is even more disgusting. Therefore exploiting PvP is worse then pve because PvP, while still filthy is by default higher in status then pve. So hush Galen, you're making yourself look like the fool you are.
  4. Stop trying to downplay your disgusting exploits that you have partook in, it disgusts us all. Peasant.
  5. Shoo peasant, you're amongst your superiors now, leash that tongue of yours.
  6. People don't have to downgrade pve, it does that itself because its for peasants. Learn your place you peon.
  7. Let's he honest, both sides of this argument are wrong and pathetic, both PvP and pve are for the intellectually challenged simpletons of swtor. Only roleplaying hosts the best players of any game.
  8. Common knowledge, you'll notice that he only said pvpers going into pve have a higher chance of being the top tier then the opposite, but he never said it was a 100% rule. Le sigh.
  9. In a rare moment of seriousness, I'd just like to say how downright pathetic some of you guys are right now. Zenod you salt filled poutine eater, youre wasting your time arguing with these pve peasnts like I'm wasting time gracing you with my words of wisdom. Also calling zenod bad? Salty yes, but zenod has always been an amazing player in multiple classes. Exit area/hmd people? Get out of a PvP thread, stick to gimping bosses or battling scripted fights, you're not ready to put on the big boy pants yet. Everybody else, stay classy.
  10. Oh look! Zenod is salty, hmd Magenta people are salty, exit area people are salty. So much damned salt up in this thread. All of you, for shame.
  11. Be quiet peasant. The Pve/ hmd MAGENTA exploiting threads are over there -------->
  12. who are "The Grey" ? they sound like RPers and therefore my subjects.
  13. Guardian/Jugg : Malrak Sent/Mara: Mular Slinger/Sniper: Joemray Operative/Smuggler: Stand Sorc/Sage: Churb Pt/vanguard: Baptista Commando/Merc: Fatedd (the real guy, not the piece of crap player that is Rishyan) Assasin/Shadow: Captain Salty (Zenod)
  14. You're not allowed to make a serious post. For shame.
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