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  1. I totally get why reimbursement is not an option, as we pay for a month, whether we log in or not. I'm ok with that. But I would like to see stronger "appropriate action" taken against those who abuse the system. Perhaps that would make people less likely to take advantage of the next one. On second thought, that's not logical either. Some people do it just because it's there. All I ask is that you make this time off WE are experiencing worth while. How about preventing the cheaters from being able to log in for an equal amount of time that we've had to wait once the servers come back online? We wait two hours to get this fixed, then once they come back up, the cheaters accounts are blocked from logging in for 2 hours (as you find them). That would make this so worth while, as I could laugh and laugh and laugh as I play the game I love while they spend another 2 hours staring angrily at their screen waiting to log in. Just saying.
  2. I have completed Visions (Chapter 12) on one character. None of my other Characters can start it, in spite of the fact that they have completed chapter 11. They all say Coming Soon. What am I missing?
  3. It's been like this for more than 2 weeks for me. I've tried everything. I don't WANT to unsubscribe, but I won't pay another month's subscription if I can't play the game.
  4. I am getting the exact same problems at work and at home. I have gone so far as to uninstall the game, do a disk cleanup, restart the computer and reinstall the game. STILL gets stuck on installing downloading - 0 % percent complete
  5. First it was stuck at "initializing - 100 % complete" Then after troubleshooting, I got it to move to updating, 0%, and there it stuck, for hours, yet again. So I tried uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it. Now the installer is stuck at Installing - 0% complete. Again, for hours. I am very frustrated. Someone please help. I have windows 8.1 and previously had no trouble running this game.
  6. I tried it, I'm still stuck on Intializing (says 100% complete, but just sits there). Can't run the game, can't do anything but close the launcher.
  7. Same thing here. Been sitting at 100 % complete "initializing" for hours now. Nothing I do seems to help.
  8. I have the same problem. I recruited her on 2 different Imperial Agents. Made the exact same choices. She SAID she was coming with me both times. Yet on my sniper, she's there. She shows up under "other contacts." However, on my lethality op, she is no where. Not in the contacts list, and not showing up in the companion return terminal. Some info about it would be nice. She's my favorite companion. I miss her.
  9. Went to the Outlaw Den. None of the 3 vendors I saw gave away companion gifts, none of them took jawa scraps. Am I missing something? (lol, knowing me, I probably am) Edit: Yup, I was missing something... Found them on the fleet lol...
  10. Yup, thank you. Looks like I'll have to open a ticket to find out what I need to do to fix. May be bugged. :-)
  11. Ok, fair enough, the augmentation kits do not come in purple variety. However, I do not have the schematic for Augmentation kits MK-8. I cannot learn it from my trainer. I cannot reverse engineer the mk-7's. Where do I find that schematic? I am talking about the kits, not the augments themselves. I am looking for the kits that lets you add a slot, I have the crafting skill to make them, I have learned all the recipes from the trainer, but there was no mk-8. That is what I am asking about.
  12. My fresh 60 is a commando. She has armormech and it's level 500. I have spent over 400 K credits learning every single schematic from the trainer. He has nothing left to train me. And not one purple.
  13. I learned all the schematics today, but it stopped at Mk7 augmentation kits. This is a fresh 60, and I don't get why there were no purples
  14. I don't mind doing my own research, but if someone could please just get me starting on what I need to know for this, I would appreciate it.
  15. And Dulfy says to find Dr. Lokin. Where the HELL is he?
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