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  1. That page is apparently outdated, and so are the "advices." that does not work anymore.
  2. Now, it takes a lot to make me go and rant in the forums about anything, and i can't even recall if i have ever done that. But now i will after going through the agony that is this games customer service, excluding in game CS, which, although slow, at least works to some degree. My phone reset itself back to the factory setting, and there goes my security key app as well. For some weird *ss reason, all of the non- in game cs is done by phone, and actually calling to the customer service. No e-mail, no live chat, nothing. Which, i have to say, is incredibly fun if you have, for example, a speech problem like i do. Tried contacting EA's support by mail as well as BW's support by mail, both of them told me to go and call to the CS. And after being left with no other option even after i told them i can't speak english properly, that's what i did(fk those guys whomever read my emails). And then, what would take around 5 minutes by live chat, turned into phone conversation that lasted longer than what is considered as an average lifespan of a human being. After immortalizing my name in the guinness book of world records for the longest phone call in human history, i'm left to wonder: *** is wrong with having normal customer support that operates via email or some other form of live chat. You know, something that pretty much every single company does, and has done for very long time? Well, i managed to reset the security key, was left with the most horrendous customer service experience i have ever gone through, and made up my mind to not give a single penny to EA in a VERY good while (well i already boycotted EA for murdering battlefront, but excluded Swtor for having played it for years.)
  3. Just afk through those 20 matches and you'll get your companion. Go and watch movie while in a wz.
  4. What i'd like to see is plain and simple battledroid decoration. Just take the existing models for some of the droids, put them as decos. Another thing i'd like to see is removal of the blue pulsing color on the anti personnel turret.
  5. Your level: 65 Roughly Average Item Rating: 200 Discipline:marksman sniper Companion:scorpio Companion role:healer Companion Influence level:28 Which Mission or Star Fortress are you playing (Solo Mode? Heroic Mode?) Heroic Your personal experience while playing this content: All way to the exarch no problems whatsoever, like the companion nerf never even happened. Exarch proved to be a bit more of a challenge, wiped 4-5 times, until managed to come up with a tactic that was good enough to able me to defeat the exarch. Just to mention i was doing it alone, with blue 190 main/offhand. Sure it was challenging, and to put it boldly, i can see players with less knowledge of their class/rotation struggle in this boss, as you have to know what you are doing, so which would mean they have to do it with another player. Companions on my opinion are pretty good at the moment, and only exarch is the one proving to be some match. Healing could receive a bit of a buff though, just to make it a bit easier for people to solo the heroic star fortress. I can do it, but a lot of people apparently can not.
  6. Well sunshine let me tell you what's my problem with forced pvp. I completed the quest required to get m1-4x with my sentinel, and i did 17 warzones. I lost 15 of them, horribly. The only time i won was against other pub players. I enjoyed it so much that i decided to actually have fun while completing the quest, as of now my smuggler is in a wz losing horribly as always. I used to give it a try, but seeing how hopeless it was, time after time, i just gave up. Luckily the completion of the quest required participation of 20 warzones, not that you would actually have to do something in them. So yeah, for those people saying: "just deal with it", well i am dealing with it, on my own way, writing these rants and watching netflix while my smuggler is in the warzones getting f****d by some professional pvp'rs. It doesn't affect me how badly my team does, might though affect some other people who are in the same team as i am.
  7. If people are enjoying one aspect of a game, and are happy with it, why shouldn't they keep doing it? When people have done enough PvE or whatever they like doing and get fed up with it, they will find new things to amuse themselves. Now there is just people getting annoyed by BW making them pvp, and guys who do pvp are getting pissed of because of huge amounts of people who have no idea of what to do in warzones
  8. Go into warzone, do a few thousand damage, go somewhere safe and start afking. You will get the companion after 20 games+ some credits as well. Went with my sentinel to warzones in order to get forex, played 17 games, won 2 of them. I enjoyed it so much that i won't even bother to even try to play those matches properly on my 10 other alts.
  9. When you think bioware has done it's worst to sents/maras, they rise again and prove you wrong by making this ac even worse
  10. Knight Best: Kira Worst: Rusk Consular Best: Nadia Worst: Zenith Smuggler Best: Risha Worst: Bowdaar Trooper Best: Elara Worst: Yuun Warrior Best: Vette or Jaesa Worst: Quinn Inquisitor Best: Ashara Worst: Andronikos BH Best: Mako Worst: Torian Agent Best: Temple or Scorpio Worst: Kaliyo
  11. Keep: Tough one, probably vette or kira. Wish: Lana Airlock: Quinn or Kaliyo
  12. Knight: Scourge, hopefully could put him into my si or sw crew. Same goes for rusk Consular: Pretty much everyone but Nadia, hopefully i can move Iresso to my troopers' crew Trooper: Yuun, please go and die and let me use rusk instead of you. Vik can **** as well Smuggler: Bowdaar, don't want you, don't need you, so go and die Warrior: Quinn. Hate him even more than kaliyo Inquisitor: Why is this bum on my ship in the first place? Bounty hunter: Gault. Again why are my ships home for these space hobos? Same goes for Blizz. Agent: Kaliyo, Kaliyo and again Kaliyo. Just die you piece of....
  13. Yet you argue in favor of a bad solution bw gave us to a marginal problem that most of the people didn't have in the first place?
  14. Well you are the one here that healers should suffer for you because you are too lazy to click your own portrait..
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