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  1. A hood up/down feature has been asked for since beta. It really boggles the mind why it hasn't been implemented yet I had to buy the Valiant set just to get a decent hood down option for my Jedi. (which they lower the price on three days after I make the purchase)
  2. Why would anyone actually pay real money for that crap anyway
  3. I don't tank anymore because others seem to be adverse to the thourogh, methodical approach ..in favor of running thru and agging everything in sight.
  4. Yeah, I got that ..tyvm oh ..companions still can't unify thier colors ..time to post in another forum.
  5. Daaahhh ..ok:D thanks ..wonder if they fixed the companion unify color thing also. Guess I'll find out.
  6. Just logged in and there was no patch waiting for me ..notes were from 12/4. Did I miss something?
  7. I don't have a problem with clipping as long as it looks at least plausable. It bothers me that there is only one position you can put the lekku in. A robe would be believable if you could put them forward over your shoulders. It bothers me more that I have to look for a "hood down" robe just so it wont cut the chest piece off at the neck!
  8. At least those features that were present when they purchased the game, should still be there. Newer content could be charged for, but I agree with you. Seems like a good perk. Yes they do
  9. Can you say ...altaholic ...lol ...it's the journey, not the destination. I have 28 toons ..been here since beta and my highest is a 31 BH. oh ...need has nothing to do with it
  10. No, don't buy more ...buy something else then use the two you get as a preferred
  11. As an altoholic I'm happy too see more slots opened. Now you need to make it worth-while to use those slots. - Legacy cargo hold. - Adding legacy toons to mailbox autofill (tired of typing out names) - Another server or two - Bind on Legacy Make the game fun for altaholics ...it's a PITA now On another note ..fix the daggum launch and landing sequences! - When entering ship you simply enter ship. - You launch by choosing to launch. - you land by choosing to land ...then you open the door oh ...^ that also ...open the chat for f2p'rs
  12. I believe he did ..I know he was all set to make a new movie set in a new era following RotJ, but the lore nazi's berated him so he swore he'd never make another. I'd like to see a new game also set in that "new era"
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