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  1. Hello all , Been awhile since ive posted something ! Anyways... What is everyones opinions on guard/jugg , will this class make a comeback and do well in ranked once again?
  2. /signed heres some fanart created by someone in the community! ( found on a other thread) https://game-guide.fr/176687-swtor-fanart-forteresse-de-manaan/
  3. /signed I would die for these lol ! Manaan and alderaan! My guild has been wanting to move out of the yavin stronghold for a bit so something new like this would be awesome!
  4. Discussion starts tomorow actually if you even bothered to check. And as always you have no clue what happens and we do upload audio from the summits for others to listen to. Ive never seen you at one of these summits so you are in no position to even judge what we are working on.
  5. You talk big but you dont even attend or know whats happening lol ! You talk big but you dont got **** to back yourself up haha XD
  6. Big party Giveaway is gonnna be planned bigger than Hanniths.
  7. No problem Feel free to share it with your guildies and friends
  8. Hey all not sure if you are aware of the BC Community Website (http://begerencommunityhq.enjin.com/home) Its a site used to bring the community closer and work on goals together. On this site you can find many events listed open to the whole community pub and imp side. You may also find info on guilds and info on many players. Now atm we are holding a vote for the first summit hosted event so it would be great if you guys could go vote! http://begerencommunityhq.enjin.com/home Vote here: http://www.begerencommunityhq.enjin.com/forum
  9. I tend to do ranked with a few of my guildies on pubside at times!
  10. Logged out to hop on a other toon then find my loading screen stuck but still loading so i restart game and see myself locked out and stuck in queue???
  11. I will have the audio recording up soon and ill provide a link to the specific time of the mention of this upgrade!
  12. Guild: Peacekeepers Of Crimson Guildmaster: Crimsonas Officers: Perral , Lekzi , Brem , Kimli , Brem PvP: Heavy PvE: Progressive GSF: Heavy RP: Light Faction: Republic Website: http://poc.shivtr.com/
  13. It was set to custom because you modified your graphics to your liking but again most of us prefer playing the game we like to play it.
  14. It isnt your PC its their cinematic mode which has been bugged for the 3 chapters and their have been many reports of this issue so dont worry your not the only one! http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=842561
  15. Guys glad to see this issue finnally show up after a month of it! Please show support on the EA Thread aswell as this one here : http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=842561 More we get this noticed the more devs will leave comps alone and help us the people who cant enjoy this content on high or even ultra the way we normally play! But so far the only workaround is to keep your graphics on low for chapters 1,2 and 9 ! 1,2 n 9 are the only chapters with this issue and thank god they are small chapters!
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