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  1. Code: http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/1q038z
  2. That is a strange request you want new subs to rush through the leveling content, but allow people with an alt or 12 to get the choice. Its better if people with lvl 60's don't get the option while other do lol. I think its good that people get to choose and nothing is forced on them. Let people play how they want. Wont harm me in any way.
  3. Mine if anyone wants http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/1q038x
  4. Do the trooper better to get the worst over with.
  5. New players maybe? Besides some people like leveling alts more than end game cant really say who finds what interesting.
  6. Aye the shards really need some love and add a codex entry for the fleet datacron while at it bioware.
  7. Chill people its supposed to be a consumable or legacy unlock from what i gathered. Bioware cant possibly be dumb enough to make it permanent for all subs.. right? @ Kunovega People like to play differently for each other, a hard to understand concept i know. Trying to impose your ideals on others not a good idea.
  8. Security key is always active till you disable it from your account. You get 100c each month + access to unique vendor irrespective on sub status.
  9. JK only has Kira and she is more like a subordinate than a padawan. SI story is good but feels a bit forced chapter 1 search for artifacts, chapter 2 search for ghosts, chapter 3 listen to the Moff. Feels like you are always listening to others no initiative on your own. JK is like the Mary Sue wont like it if not into it. IA, SW are best imo.
  10. He meant F2P and Preferred don't get rested XP (which i knew). But all get Double XP because he thought correctly that i concluded that from the way Rested XP works.
  11. Did not know that usually just log off during Double XP just 2 wasted game days then. Still would have liked a warning.
  12. F2P and preferred don't get double xp so there should be a way.
  13. Look at it my way don't like Double XP was preferred till yesterday. Subbed back in just a few hours ago and cant play for another 2 days because of that. Not everyone likes to play the same way some prefer it the way it originally is.
  14. Please let know in advance for Double XP just re-subbed today. Could have delayed it till Monday if had known. Not everyone likes it.
  15. Might be thinking about the story since now its only a single class story.
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