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  1. While at it can you guys reward my Iokath conquest title from the last time it was on conquest, still haven't received it.
  2. Really interesting theory. I always found it weird how different the Valkorion and Vitiate were and this would make sense. Even though we have seen enough of the Emperor wouldn't mind hearing Doug Bradley again.
  3. Hulcalan, fatleaf, were you able to get the achievement? Sent another ticket and they declined that as well.
  4. ***? I sent ticket to the Customer Support in order to receive my conqueror of Iokath achievement, but apparently i'm not eligible because I wasn't in the guild from the start of the conquest? No where in the achievement does it say you have to be in the guild from the start. Only log in 3 day of conquering the planet and hitting contribution target.
  5. I know it's really far fetched but I want the bad guy to be rogue G0-T0 droid, I just want to hear the awesome voice again. Though I expect the bad guys to be team up some villains we have seen before.
  6. so it ends 5 days later than intended, cool.
  7. End date has been announced on twitter.
  8. SInce they have few millions to throw at the trailers, they could throw few at the class stories... Yeah yeah I know different things are budgeted differently, the teaser looks good and the trailer is going to look good too, i'm sure.
  9. You know that good friend you love to hang out with, but then he/she falls in with bad people and start using drugs and isn't that fun to hang out anymore? You could just move on but then you would lose person that used to be good friend, so you rather help them get their life back together and get your good friend back. I think it's lot like that.
  10. Just dropped for me... on the alt that I was only doing DVL stuff.
  11. Wow, they even had prototype Dark Troopers on the trailer! Since Thrawn is (with new) Canon I expect us to see Kyle(although different to fit the current canon) also return.
  12. Of course they leave Ahsoka fate ambiguous so they might bring her back but feel like she died and the end where she is walking is more of symbolic gesture of her moving to the unknown and joining the force, she was in way too of a good shape compared to the Vader.
  13. Five unknown planets that are not going be ever named.
  14. This please. I want to use other cyborg parts to make my character look like a droid!
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