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  1. I guess that makes sense then. I'm the type who checks dulfy and the dev blogs probably every other day. Honestly didn't even think about people who don't keep up with the news on a fairly regular basis.
  2. Isn't it redundant at that point? It's not as if info at PAX doesn't get out on a consistent basis, nor is it regarded as a secret. If anything the info given at PAX was more specific though ironically.
  3. Wait so "Road Map 2015" is actually "Road Map Q1"? Also, why did you guys feel the need to give us general info, like others have said, was available at PAX?
  4. The problem is that the devs rationalized the whole new skill system by saying that it made it easier to balance classes and specs and that it got rid of the sense of false choice people had when creating builds prior to 3.0. Neither of those is true currently.
  5. Still no changes to Madness spec for Sorcs? While I appreciate (for my friends) those other class changes isn't Madness one of the weakest dps specs right now? There's plenty of threads talking about Lightning vs. Madness so I won't go into that, but can we at least get a "working as intended", "looking to change" or something?
  6. Maybe by balance they meant that all the "good" specs would be bad and all the "bad" specs would be good. They could just be making up for the time period where most people went Madness. So maybe 4.0?
  7. I haven't played GW2 since launch, but GW(the original) had different skills for PvP and PvE.(I.e Force Lighting for PvE does 1500 dmg and in PvP it does 500). The skills were named the same and (typically) functioned the same. The change only occurred once you entered a PvP area and the relevant skills were automatically swapped for their PvP version.
  8. The reason you don't want only 3 classes is because each class has it's own raid wide buff it can use. Using only 3 classes would limit you to just those 3 buffs. When you're comparing classes instead of specs the differences are less nuanced than specs. With classes entire skills,passive and mechanics are widely different. With specs it's small differences that typically don't make that great of a difference. You're not comparing apples to apples when you compare classes to specs. I actually wasn't talking about you. You just happen to not have played since 3.0. The reason I mention 3.0 is because it's a relevant patch since that's when the changes we're talking about hit. The difference between 2.? and 3.0 and very different and someone(not necessarily you) who hasn't played before is at a disadvantage when they compare. Specifically about you, I have an issue with theorycrafting instead of actual experience. There's only so much reading and watching will do and I wouldn't consider your knowledge on theorycrafting to be on par with someone who has played pve before 3.0 (Specifically in this instance me, but in general any "decent" player"). I'll have to take you at your word when it comes to pvp, but in PvE I can't see any competitive reason in the situations I've talked about(HM/NM operations and the new operations) why a sorc DPS would choose to go Madness instead of Lightning and the points you made earlier I've more or less refuted from a PvE perspective. The root you get with Madness doesn't affect bosses. It's a useless trait. The only non-instant skills Lightning uses is Thundering Blast , CD and I think 1 more skill that can proc to be instant. For Madness Force Lightning, Demolish(can be instant) and Force Leech. As far as raids are concerned there's no niche need for Madness. It doesn't fulfill anything as a DPS that's specifically needed for it. Which again, is the issue at hand. Raids want the most DPS they can get(because a good team has tanks and healers who keep DPS alive so that they can DPS) and Madness isn't the best DPS spec a Sorc has. Sorry I've been playing TERA for the past 4 days lol. Level cap there is 65. Just now realized that lol.
  9. Your opinion isn't humorous. You misread. What was humorous was that in the same paragraph you do something I mentioned you doing previously and then acknowledge that I mentioned it. I already said competitive players. Competitive players have static or guild groups they go with. They don't use group finder. I think I also mentioned the difference is more important for HM/NM operations (and the tight enrage timers) and the lvl 65 SM operations. I'm sure the spec doesn't matter for flashpoints. I've gotten away with just using half my rotation and spamming my DoTs and we've won. What you're talking about is the casual player who occasionally raids. At that point a whole other set of things come into consideration like actual skill and experience. Just like no one looks towards the player who just started playing at 3.0 for good parses likewise you shouldn't look to casual raiders to see how good or bad a spec is. You're further splitting hairs by saying "well what if the group isn't good." You're just throwing different scenarios in that no one here can objectively argue. What if the group is good? Finally I'm saying you're looking at the spec in a vacuum because you haven't once compared it do Lightning. You've said Madness does x, y and z, but you haven't said what it does better than Lightning. Except for healing but we've already gone through that and how much it matters. But I'll play along with the "what if the group isn't good" scenario. Let's say they aren't. How is the Madness spec going to help the group complete an operation compared to Lightning? The heals aren't going to suffice with the damage bosses put out if you think they can compensate for a bad healer.
  10. I'm actually at work right now, so I can't go through the threads and find the parse comparisons. It's enough to make you run Lightning if you're doing the level 65 operations. SM included. My memory is really crappy, but it was in the range of 500-800 I think. I know it wasn't less than that. >Self-healing is a moot point in raids. Healers do more than you can possibly heal. >RF does little damage overall and more so is just for force regen. A problem Lightning spec doesn't have. Go parse on a dummy and look at how much damage the skill actually does. >DoT spread like I said is also a moot point since in raids trash dies too quickly for DoTs to really do their stuff and boss fights are typically single target fights. Ironically Madness was the best single target spec for Sorcs pre 3.0. >Both specs can apply Overwhelm so I'm not seeing how this helps Madness specifically. Vulnerable and Overwhelm are just applied by different skills. >Looking at all the buffs Lightning got for CD (http://dulfy.net/2014/12/18/swtor-3-0-lightning-sorcerer-dps-guide-by-ktap/) I don't see why they wouldn't use it. Again you're looking at Madness in a vacuum. I find it funny that you ask if they're really out of place considering the benefits and then you talk about how I mentioned the gains of the other classes outweigh the gains of Madness.
  11. It's not the -100 DPS will cause a wipe, but the fact that compared to the other DPS spec: Lightning Madness is weaker. You have to look at -100 DPS Madness gets and the increase damage Lightning got. It's all about how do you minimize that chance you'll hit an enrage timer. If Lightning (or better yet all DPS specs) were around the same DPS level this wouldn't be an issue. The problem occurs when it's obvious that another spec is better in almost all the situations (in PvE). If you look at things in a vacuum then sure, Madness got better for a small hit in damage. When you look at Madness compared to all other DPS specs it's one of the worst specs you can go into now. Whether than means the other specs need to be brought back in line or that Madness needs a buff it really doesn't matter. This disparity is the problem, not the actual numbers.
  12. At this point I don't know enough about PvP to really give any counter arguments regarding it. I will say that the healing is so negligible(from a purely PvE perspective) when you have 2 dedicated healers, that it's the loss of DPS that actually matters. The increased survivability is so small that it's hardly noticed. For PvP where every man is his own army I can see it helping (although how much compared to a healer I couldn't say), but for PvE it's not enough. Likely because most raids are single target fights. Thanks to utilities the passive advantages that Madness had can now be picked up by any spec, which is great. However, in addition to the lower DPS compared to Lightning I can't see a reason to run Madness in PvE. If Madness really is still as good as you make it sound then BW needs to have PvE and PvP skills so that one spec doesn't get shafted because a buff would make it "OP" in another format.
  13. I like the way you numbered them. 1) Like I said earlier I can't really speak on pvp, but simply doing damage doesn't mean a boss will die. Bosses will enrage if you don't kill them quickly enough which equals a wipe. As a "competitive" (because casual players play the spec they enjoy because they enjoy it) player why risk the boss enraging if a different spec of the same class has a better chance of making that not happen? Pre 3.0 you went Madness for certain fights and Lightning for others. That isn't the case now. 2) Again I'd say judging a class/spec based on anything but max level is a bit premature. The problem with looking at 500k as a number by itself is that you don't take into consideration what you lost a DPS in order to get those heals. Again, if we're talking competitive you'll be in a group with a healer. At that point it's more important for a DPS to DPS. 3) Madness was very good at sustained DPS pre 3.0. If you wanted burst you went lightning and if you wanted sustained(and dot dmg reduction) you went Madness. Before 3.0 I played lightning and Madness and eventually stayed with Madness towards the end of 2.?. Lightning certainly had its advantages in certain fights, but people didn't say "Why don't you go Lightning for better dps?" when they saw you were Madness. 4) Lightning and Madness' rotation hasn't radically changed. Specifically Lightning has a more difficult rotation (and imo always has) than Madness does and Lightning is still parsing higher. In regards to parsing I don't think we've ever had hundred of thousand parses so effectively what you're saying is that there's no such thing as reliable data in this game. I didn't say sometimes, I said "consistently" which means an average. You have to take into account player skill (i.e did this guy just start playing at 3.0) so obviously there's some margin of error. It isn't every now and then Lightning does better. It's overall in both burst(which it should be) and sustained(which it should not be). I'll say that I think PvP is a pretty small portion of the game (and the devs not giving PvPers any new content in 3.0 reflects that) so even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and say that PvP madness is fine, the larger issue is that they're not in the main portion of the game.
  14. I'm not gonna go through every point you made. I will make a disclaimer than I only don't pvp that often, but I don't see how the venue would radically change the damage comparison. What I will say is that hitting multiple targets is often a moot point since the most important fights are boss fights. If they have adds the ticks will rarely be on the long enough to make a difference since they die so quickly. Killing trash on the way is even less of a big deal than adds during a boss fight. As it's been said multiple times the healing is negligible also. Healers should be parsing for 4.5-5k HPS. There's no way you're healing "respectably close" to that. Unless you have a screenshot to prove that or something. Finally 30-60 (i'm guessing you're talking about pre-3.0?) Madness is different from 65 and anything not max level isn't really an indicator of the best a spec can do. We've got parses that compare TK to Balance and consistently (doesn't mean every single time, but overall) TK parses higher, ignoring armor or not. The fact is that by mechanics alone Madness should be the higher parsing spec over time. What's actually occurring is that TK/Lightning is doing better for burst and over time. People feel "forced" because there's no competitive reason to play Madness over Lightning if the latter does more damage.
  15. As others have said there's a specific spec for healing. Also in a group there should usually be a healer anyway and the paltry amount of self heals you get through Madness won't even compare. Why should I be concerned about (poor) self-heals as a DPS in a group? I actually liked the dot spread. I just didn't like it at the cost of doing much less damage than other DPS specs. It did, mechanic wise, sort of bring lightning and madness closer together.
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