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  1. A belief that is now shattered, I would hope. I'm 66.
  2. Go look, right now, at the server status screen. Click on Forum Management. Click on server status. There are seven PVP servers. 6 out of 7 are LIGHT. Every other server on both continents is STANDARD and two are HEAVY. This is the case any time you look at it. If you want PvP as a priority, put your time were your mouth is and go play it. But you don't. And THAT'S why PvP is not a priority and never will be.
  3. No it won't. My Dell laptop is three years old and plays SWTOR on max settings. The man wants a LAPTOP, not a DESKTOP. Address his issue. Desktops are for weenies that play in their bedrooms or basements.
  4. No, it's not. The problem with this is that you have an end-game mentality. Your phrase. "You get everything else (with some restrictions)" is vastly understated. I'm happy that people can experience f2p, but it's a far cry from a sub. It's not so much "some" restrictions, but MANY debilitating restrictions. In fact, with f2p you are completely hamstrung in ways too many to list. Which is, of course, quite on purpose as they are hoping the average player would get so frustrated with the limitations that they will spring for a sub. I mean, CCs for an escrow unlock? You're peddling a bicycle instead of driving a Porche. Another way of looking at it is that a sub gives you 24x7 access to ALL the content with NO restrictions for $13-$15 a month. I just paid $16 to go see "The Martian" which was 144 minutes long, so you can get an idea of relative value from that. You are only interested in access to KotFE, but don't forget the 60 levels prior to that. You're not interested, but BW is hoping a whole lot of people are, and BW has made significant changes to the entire game which affects 1-60 to try to bring this about. I'm not claiming BW is succeeding with this strategy, but I think it's fair to say that's the idea. It's not so much about keeping you, who has played all the content multiple times and sees KofTE as the only thing of interest to play as it is attracting new players who want to experience all the content without restrictions and will take a couple of years to do it. Of course, it's a real gamble on BW's part. Will the influx of hoped-for new players be enough to offset the disaffection of players like you (and me) who may quit their subs over these changes, or will the influx of new players fail to materialize and result in a severe net loss for BW? It will take a few months for us to know the answer to that.
  5. Then why do you feel compelled to do so yourself?
  6. Sorry, but you messed up. The "end of rant" was referring to the last paragraph where OP professes his love of the game and disdain of the whiners.. The first paragraph is complete sarcasm, especially the "I've been playing since beta" comment, which he knows is a cliche, just like "a slap in the face." Better luck next time.
  7. Give yourself time. You just got here. You really have no knowledge of what players have been through these last few years, and you are certainly not in a position to judge. Your judgment of other players is pretty much worthless. If you're so quick ti judge with no experience here whatsoever, In a year or so I'm guessing you will be whining with the best of us. In fact, you've already started because guess what? Your post is whining.
  8. OP is enamored with his own prose. I have a hard time believing he defended the game for four years and has just now come to the conclusion that "the game is dying." He is parroting the same stuff hundreds of people have said over the last four years, some of which is so trivial it isn't worth mentioning. I'm not happy either, but you know what? It is what it is. Bioware is not going to change. We've all tried, but Bioware pays little heed to what we've asked. And that leads to an inevitable conclusion. We either play the game the way they present it, or we don't play. End of story.
  9. Earth is an MMO. That doesn't mean I must interact with you. You're just living on the same planet is all. The less interaction I have with you the better. Why people feel an MMO requires you to "group" is anathema to me. I'll "group" with whom I please, and you're not invited.
  10. I don't think level synch by itself is enough to drop my sub. It limits what I can do, especially on what I call "mop up" issues like going back to finish something skipped originally. Insofar as level synch stops ganking it's a good thing, but I would never do that anyway. For normal leveling I doubt level synch will do much unless it prevents us getting a bit ahead of ourselves, which would not be a good thing, but I haven't tried it yet. Much worse is the way they screwed up crafting and screwed over crafters by taking away so very much that was already earned, bought, and paid for, and the way they screwed up companions. There was nothing wrong with either and it was completely unnecessary to do. And to flat out LOSE them for the expansion is completely unsatisfactory.
  11. That's sarcasm, right? :-) Harbinger has been listed as Heavy, Very Heavy, or FULL all day. Maybe (just maybe) that has something ti do with these issues.
  12. Nobody knows right now one way or another. The expansion is not even fully deployed. In a couple o0f months, when those who don't renew have their subs run out, you can hazard a guess. But BW will never tell you. You'll be reading tea leaves then just like you do now.
  13. How do you know? Are you privy to some stats that none of the rest of us have seen? The expansion isn't even live yet for subs who did not subscribe for the last few months. Already you're making claims you can't substantiate. It's going to be months before anyone has any evidence that the expansion drew people in or drove them away. Why months? because subs last as long as six months at a time. People who have decided to leave will still be subbed for the remainder of their subscription whether they play or not. There are no refunds. And you can be sure BW will not tell us because sub numbers are always secret. A few months from now we all will still be reading tea leaves before making our grand pronouncements. EA official FTC reports give the barest hint of the numbers. Server population densities may show something, but as of now they have not changed. I just looked. PvE is standard, PvP and RP are light. There is no justification to claim ANYTHING has happened one direction or another as a result of the expansion. You're just blowing smoke.
  14. Hmm. Bioware persists in maintaining they actually HAVE "customer service." Now we're told not to bother customer service with customer service issues because it's a waste of their time and instead to post on the forums where we know it will be ignored completely.
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