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  1. The forum is but a tiny fraction of the player base and same goes for any mmorpg. Some simply don't post because they don't want to deal with being called a fanboy or whatever because they are enjoying themselves and just looking to get some questions answered.
  2. Been here since closed beta and it's still a great game and the expansion what I was hoping for so all is good.
  3. Indeed, a mass exodus from those other MMOs that suck to the greatness that is SWTOR .
  4. Making death threats is and they should be arrested which I hope they are and sentenced to the maximum sentence allowed which is something like $5000 fine and 5 years in prison. People need to learn they can't go making death threats all willy nilly.
  5. Apparently said fix fixed nothing because Korriban and Tython FPs are unplayable on Shadowlands.
  6. It was supposed to get "regular" updates which thus far they've failed to deliver on and at this point will continue to do so from past experience.
  7. That's been my issue. The market has been dry of direct buy armor for several weeks and decent armor for much longer..
  8. CE vendor has been mediocre at best considering how long it's been and how many updates it's feasibly could have gotten over 24 months. As mentioned the statue and journal were cool and all but as much as the CE vendor was hyped up there should be far more there.
  9. I just consider bikinis on Hoth non-movement impairing clothing .
  10. As far as I recall, they said the Eradicator Warsuit mask was supposed to supposedly come with this update but nowhere to be seen.
  11. It's just sad it took over a year to get a response to this after the last one and just as sad that it's been 15 months and the vendor still sucks and EAWare's failed to deliver on the promised "regular" updates to said vendor. Just sayin..
  12. Don't want your stuffs but will take the cash.
  13. Eradicator's Warsuit is nice but the mask should have been out at the same time with it. Still hoping for a CM version of the Hydra armor.
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