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  1. signed, also we dont need the option to choose rewards from older seasons like season 5, 2, 3 etc
  2. Hey there Domi, I mentioned this in a post before but you may not have seen it. I would love to help you out with ranked tips whenever you want if you feel that you need to be more prepared before queueing up.
  3. What times do you play Domi? We should duel (for fun!) and I can teach you some tips for ranked if you are interested.
  4. So ccing tank and swapping to your kill target with coordinated burst windows taking him from %90-%0 is not hard swap? Do you even play 4s? Why are you throwing out absolute statements like you know everything?
  5. Hard swap is not dead and marauder is viable in 4s, I have beaten the best team in the game win % wise(Lukewarm running 3 pts) playing carnage maurader with MM sniper using hardswap. I have also done it using AP PT and mm sniper.
  6. Hello, Unfortunately most people don't have set teams, you have to either pug your own team or get to know the good 4s players through solo ranked, regs, etc. I might be willing to try you as tank but I play primarily imp side, 4s usually pop starting at 9-10PM Est.
  7. I don't know if you have noticed or not but most of the SWTOR community doesn't RP, so when you start to bring Ebon Hawk RP to the forums or other servers it's just weird and awkward man...
  8. Acid farm shouldn't be a record, no one cares if you stand in acid and heal yourself the whole game.
  9. You boys down to queue 4s tonight?
  10. Nahhhhh brah, stun immunity is king in pvp and rage doesn't have the same survivability, they are both pretty close though.
  11. Vengeance jugg, hit's pretty hard (crit for 20k), can take 160k damage before dying, great control, and with the new utility points it's like trying to kite the NSA.
  12. So in PVP since we no longer use accuracy, what would you recommend gear wise if you were to venture a guess? I would assume it would be the same as PVE but what would you use in place of the accuracy gear, crit or mastery?
  13. I am regularly doing 4k+ dps in warzones on my vangaurd soooooooo regardless of your meter it's kind of OP for a single target class.
  14. Some people can't play on Harbinger because of ping issues, some people just simply can't compete. I find the latter reason to be the biggest obstacle in mega-server creation. When 90cc server transfers were introduced a massive amount of players went to shadowlands, this lasted about a week. What I noticed was that the players who went to this server were not able to compete with Harbinger/Bastion players. Why? Harbinger and Bastion (before Bastion died) have had strong solo ranked seasons for every season, where as servers like Ebon Hawk and Jedi Covenant have very weak (occasionally active, but not talented) queues so these players simply don't get enough experience before queueing up on Harbinger. For this reason I don't think you will ever be able to create mega-servers that work unless Bioware forces mergers. The weaker pve-level players or average regstars will not be able to compete with Harbiner/ex-Bastion level guys and thus they will ultimately always go back to their home servers where they can play other players at their skill level. You may be able to create a mega-server of regstars, but usually regstars are invested in some kind of PVE as well, meaining guild ships, meaning server transfer no bueno. My 2 cents.
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