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  1. For the first time ever playing games have I felt that an expansion was a downgrade from the previous experience. Skills removed, progression that was made lost (ie. spending millions of credits rolling for the perfect armor mods) and increasing the grind on the same content I've done for the past 10 years. This is a complete shame and I'm sorry to say that I enthusiastically paid for a full year of subscription before even trying the game thinking what an improvement it would be. I'm utterly disappointed in what has transpired. On top of that the game is so buggy at times it's unplayable. Take for example the Darth Malgus fight in the last episode. I have died countless times from the force wave causing zero fall damage attempting to clear this content with my 18 characters. I just gave up not even half way through. At this point I feel that bioware only cares about money and not the feelings of the players.
  2. Last 3 days, decide to log on for 1 pvp match. Day 1 First match Voidstar - leave shut down game, play something else.... Day 2 First match Voidstar - leave shut down game, play something else.... Day 3 First match Voidstar - leave shut down game, play something else.... Thanks bioware
  3. Honestly though, if we had a choice on which maps to que like flashpoints, I can see a reason for a 15 minute ban, but when you're forced to play whatever pops if you like it or not then that's a bit extreme.
  4. Voidstar, voidstar, voidstar, that's all that seems to pop. Quit get banned from requing for 15 minutes. What to do then? Go play another game. Why spend the money on a subscription when I can't play what I want to play?
  5. chosonman

    Immortal Jug

    What's with Immoral jug? They have virtually the same DPS output as any other dps class, 3 hard stuns and a knock down, 2 leaps, 3 threat reducers, and virtually perma heal to full with Grit Teeth tactical? Just about every pvp match is littered with them. Can someone please fix this class? It's been long enough.
  6. I don't see an option to purchase Nico at the vendor that sells the apartments. I had seen it before. What gives?
  7. I read some people say they swapped missions. How do you do that?
  8. Having a CC Immunity like skill like with Concentration would be nice to have. I know we get one with the Saber ward Mastery skill, but having another one would be awesome.
  9. It would be nice if the character had hair when the hood is up. It's especially bad for female characters.
  10. Instead of forcing players to play content they don't want to play and penalizing them if they don't. Why not reward players for playing more content they enjoy? I'd rather play 5 matches of causal warzones then waste 10 minutes of my day being forced to play galactic star fighter. I don't intend to progress through star fighter and I thoroughly hate it. So give players options on picking which daily quest they wish to achieve. That is all
  11. Same here. Same repetitive grind as Conquests. Except 2x more.
  12. After 10 or so galactic star fighter missions, I'm pretty sure I don't like it. Not what I signed up for when I bought the game. Please don't force us to play it.
  13. ....and some of the newer companions from the cartel market and from alliance missions don't say anything. It would be nice if they talked every now and then especially when returning from a crew mission so I know what happened. ...and Arcane sounds really creepy. Can we get a customization that make him sound a little less? ...and can we make Dark Hexid sound a little less like Mary Poppins?
  14. Like instead of Scurge saying "better than you deserve" after a crew skill mission, maybe make him a little more friendly... After all I did level him up to influence level 50. He could be nicer to me!
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