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  1. Drastic fixes to performance/optimisation. Heaps of other things I'd like but that's really the number one thing.
  2. As someone who enjoys playing sage heals, PLEASE NERF THEM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.
  3. 1 MVP = 1 Comm and 62 valor points. Votes and medals mean very little as long you as you contributed to your team and did your best to win. If you are good player people will notice eventually.
  4. No Bones is the best /dance emote, so...
  5. The main sage healing abilites are Healing Trance, Wandering Mend, Force Armor, Salvation, which are all on a cd except for Force Armor which applies a debuff. If a sage healer is using Benevolance/Deliverance a lot then they are not playing the spec as intended, you would only use resurgence > deliverance > benevolance if you have the auto-crit proc from the set bonus and the insta-cast for benevolence plus one or two stacks of resplendence to make up for the hit to your resources.
  6. Haha, nice. The start cracked me up.
  7. Maras are ridiculous, idk what bioware was thinking, you can't kite them because they are so fast and they are tanky as hell because they have some of the best DCDs in the game. Sorcs and powertechs have it tough when it comes to pvp, I hardly see anyone playing them now days.
  8. Nope, sorry they're too busy buffing sorcs/sins.
  9. While I don't particularly like the pigtails I believe in equal cosmetic oppotunity for all, whether hideous or not. /signed
  10. Maybe Pred/Trans could consume 15-20 stacks instead of 30. Just a thought.
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