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  1. To start off with, im the guy who wrote those guides linked in OP (though I haven't commented here in a long time) With that out of the way: PTs/VGs are in their best state ever for PvE DPS. As such, if you want to complain, you should look to either complain about our PvP capabilities, or our tanking. For PvP, Its mostly because of our complete lack of defensive cooldowns (Oh look, I have 1. And a half. WOOOOOOOOO) For tanks, see the PvP excuse. Despite this, Powertechs/Vanguards still have their ludicrous advantages of the past when they go into a raid. Almost no melee abilities and no casted/channeled abilities make it stupidly easy to keep the rotation up. In fact, they're in an even better state than before, as they can now move during the replacement Mortar Volley/Death from Above, while its on a much lower cooldown and does comparable damage (since its buff). To add to that, there is also the fact that Pyrotech no longer has to channel flamethrower, making their rotation just as mobile as Advanced Prototype. So we end up with a class with dps specs that are actually better than what we had in the 3.x-4.x cycle, and we've still got Pyro Shield and Reflexive armor to make our in-raid damage even higher. Add to that Pyrotechs getting 30% AoE damage reduction and honestly, there is no excuse for you having problems as a PT or VG in a raid, unless tanking. TL;DR - PT/VG are better in the only case the OP linked (also the only time they are better)
  2. For AP, the high crit build (~740 alacrity) is about 1% weaker than the high Alacrity build. HOWEVER When going for the high crit build, you want to augment for Mastery, not critical. It performs better. By about 1.5% (High Crit + Crit Augments is about 2.5% behind high alacrity)
  3. Oh god I put the wrong enhance/aug numbers in - I've got a spreadsheet to figure these things out and I accidentally went with "Remaining" instead of "Used" for alacrity
  4. Accuracy: 1 Stim 3 Augments 1 Enhancement Alacrity 5 Augments 6 Enhancements Critical 2x Crystals 6 Augments 3 Enhancements Crit from Relics/Stim Note: Enhancements can also be earpiece/implants Relics, you want a serendipitous assault and a focused retribution Note: This holds true with all PT/VG DPS specs, and all tiers of augments for rating 248 gear
  5. Also, using nefra is cheating - that DoT is an AoE
  6. The dulfy one is up to date for rotation, but I do agree a new one could be put out since then. Which is why I intend to put out a guide with patch 5.9, including gearing for rating 230/236/242/246/248 gear, 228/236/240 augments, low/high alacrity gearing, and a recommendation for which one to use based off your gear level The main issue though is that low number next to Pyro ST DPS. It should be a 9
  7. For tier 1 gear (and tier 2 gear), Going for high alacrity sacrifices a bit too much crit for it to be worth it. If you're fully augmenting, you want 794 Accuracy and 724 Alacrity when running 230 rating gear, or if using 236 augments your accuracy will jump to 798. This is done with 2 accuracy pieces, 2 accuracy augments, an accuracy stim, and 4 alacrity pieces. Everything else in crit (though at such a low gear level, power/mastery augs can work at about a 50/50 split with crit. Though dont get em, cause they dont go as well with your gear improvements as crit augs)
  8. Blade Barrier AND Guardianship: 1 HP Shield per Bonus Healing Focused Defense: 2.35 HP restored per Bonus Healing Bonus healing = 0.23 per point of power, 0.2 per point of mastery, which is then boosted by force valor/force might/etc...
  9. Both are pretty close range, with most of the rotation being 10m abilities, though both of them using their version of Stockstrike (4m ability) on cooldown (every 9 seconds). As for the difference between them? Tactics is a burst spec, which uses a priority list for the rotation. Plasmatech is an AoE Sustained spec, which uses a set rotation, and while its not as bursty as Tactics is, it does AoE as part of its rotation naturally and is about 10% stronger on average
  10. This. Also I made a type on the original post, I meant 246+, not 146+ Im still in the past NOTE: This is an estimation, not a confirmation. I might do some actual maths on this later to see what optimal gearing for each level (230/236/242/248, with 228 and 236 augments, would be)
  11. It all depends on your gear rating, and if you're using augments or not. If you are using augments, and have a rating of ~246+, Then go the high alacrity build. Otherwise, go with the low alacrity build. To reach the threshold without the high item rating/augments, you give up too much crit for it to be worth it.
  12. The only things out of date in regards to dulfy are: 1: DPS rankings, there was some rebalancing since then that made some classes better and some worse (e.g. pyro went from really bad to about an 8/10 in terms of its rank, Lethality Ops were top and are now around Pyro PTs, etc...) 2: The gearing is off, as since the guides came out people discovered alacrity only affects the GCD in .1 second increments, so it has thresholds of 7.15% (~704 alacrity) and 15.39% (~1860 alacrity) Hell, the 3.0 AP PT guide (for rotation) is still valid despite the fact I wrote it some 3 years ago. The only reason Pyro isn't still relevant is because they changed how flamethrower works.
  13. Since the gold augments are pretty much the old purple augments in crit/acc/alacrity, (its only +2 to the stat), get the same ones. The difference between purple and gold is the gold ones also have +power to go with endurance + [Crit/acc/alac]. So in other words, its the same either way. Now, when the next tier of augments comes out, this might change, but thats still a while off. Im probably just gonna stick with the purples until then anyway.
  14. If you have Power and Mastery to sacrifice, do that. If not, sacrifice crit. Also, after a year of not being around, Im back! Time to update that sig...
  15. Oh god i missed the "Hits" box, no wonder why I thought it was so far off. Yeah, I screwed up, Pyro's probably gonna suck
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