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  1. Took Light Side Jaesa and had no idea she was unromancable as same sex hasn't been added anyway. This cheers me up -very slightly- since I no longer need to imagine a bunch of missing [flirt] dialogie options that were removed.
  2. The idea that you have to 'not suck' to level a class to 50 by questing on even level mobs is itself pretty revolutionary, and i'd have to ask if other classes find they need to heal after every battle and risk being dps'ed down by a mob pack?
  3. Sith Juggernaut is the hardest. Unless every other class finds it impossible to do solo content 4-6 levels below them with full blue quality upgrades and epic saber mods without their healing companion. Quinn's healing is a band aid on a broken class. We take far too much damage in PvE that leads to 'drink up after every fight' unless we have our healer. I don't feel like a tank. Even as immortal spec unless I have a healer out. Your companion should be a matter of which you want to use and have in conversations with you, so making healer mandatory is stupid. I also want macros. So I can put sweeping slash and smash on the same key, along with sundering assault and the basic rage building slash so my entire bar isn't filled with short cooldowns that take more key binds than i'm willing to use. Using 1 2 3 4 5 6 Q E F C V B + Shifted Variants 24 Keybinds should be sufficient. As for the op player he's clearly lying. If he has twice as many abilities to use there wouldn't be enough quickslots for them to go in. Note: I'm level 38 and i'm complaining at how crap the class is to level. Not PvP. Even the MOBS are a real challenge when you don't pull off rotations like you're trying to do a raid.
  4. This man is correct. All the arguments against socialism are that no-one will do any work without a gun to their head. This argument suggests that all work is forced labour, i.e slavery.
  5. Maybe they could have made a few planets around group friendly play so a group has something to do start to finish, with little commuting between objectives, rather heavy group fighting the whole way, and leave the other planets for solo'ers..
  6. Anyone who can tell me the key differences? I know vanguard is supposed to be a tank and commando is supposed to be DPS, but is the DPS difference huge? Is the Vanguard a good tank? Is it good DPS? I don't know if I want another tank after Sith Juggernaut. (Horrible class, rotation for even basic grinding is a nightmare to figure out) But at the same time I wouldn't pick Commando just because they seemingly carry larger weapons, i'm fine with using a rifle if the DPS is similar.
  7. Its the dispersed nature of them. They arn't set up like instances are in other MMOs where you grab the quests, get a group and head in together. Every time you reach a new pack of quests one of them will be a new group quest. Its like they want you to do all your questing in a group or something to get the authentic experience. Despite the story being so alien to a 'group of heroes' that they need a roll to determine who the player character is for each conversation choice.
  8. I must be a freak then. I can do both.
  9. This isn't a typical MMO. It plays far more like a singleplayer RPG with people. Those group quests are the only thing that destroys the perfect illusion i'm playing Mass Effect in the Star Wars universe with other players to interact with if and when I feel like it. They pretty much suck..
  10. Nah I can get the odd group. Maybe it'd be better if they were clustered and could be done in one go. But they are spread strewn across planets so that doing them before the end when you have 5 or 6 to do at once is inefficent.
  11. In my opinion there's too many group quests. Its a story based game that tells me repeatedly my character (Sith Warrior) is a one person army and because its flagged group I need to hunt around for 3 other players every 10 minutes. The only good thing is that the most important plot quests are soloable, but that just contributes to the immersion breaking factor when a side quest is too tough for my sith..
  12. I wasn't even considering male romance options (was waiting for girls kissing girls) but Quinn is pretty cool, we'll see where it goes.
  13. Are they about equal in DPS? I know some people are going to rage that they 'gave up tanking' to do more DPS but I think that's more a social choice. People choose pure DPS classes so they aren't asked to tank or heal, since they don't wish to. Thing is half my attacks say 'attacks twice if dual wielding' so how does that work with keeping the two subclasses close in DPS when specced for damage?
  14. They're not going to tear up their Legacy System for you.
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