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  1. Gods frakkin' damn it. Damned if you're on a ghost server damned if you're on a full server. Always something to complain about here eh?
  2. Incorrect. I unsubbed a while ago but still have game time left and I was able to transfer my character over.
  3. The tried and tested "I thought they smell bad on the outside" line always seems to go down well, when... Going down.
  4. My level 44 Knight is stuck on Dxun Battle Circle Server EU and with no chance of a transfer I'll probably end up deleting the character. DBC is completely dead at all times, no chance of running flashpoints, heroics or any other group activities.
  5. You've taken everything out of context. Sith motives are not only driven by passion but by anger, hatred and lust for power. They're passionate about dominance, control and destruction of the Jedi. Being passionate about music, film or writing or other creative processes is different to being passionate about chaos and destruction. Considering how many people have one night stands and can remain emotionally detached in this day and age I'd say that's fairly normal. To add to the Sith principles: They teach through pain, suffering and emotional beatings. Surely being in a constant state of hatred and rage doesn't promote rational choices?
  6. The Jedi code doesn't promote the absence of emotion it promotes the control of emotions so to not make rash decisions. Making decisions based on passion or negative emotions promotes a negative reaction sometimes, at least based on goals. There is a fine line between being passionate about something and being irrational. Your interpretations are off. Hitler was passionate about his goals, as was his riech. His goals were evil, much like the Sith.
  7. His character development is already established in a brilliant book called Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter. It's set just before TPM. I haven't read it for a while now but what I remember of it made the character seem more alive and far more intimidating and extends beyond what you see in the movie.
  8. There would be a lot of lightsaber related injuries as kids throw their sabers at each others
  9. Ugh free Jedi. I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it.
  10. The logic behind this is bizarre. You have eight slots, eight stories to play and in effect you can have all crafting specialities. You can send things via message over to your alts no matter what the faction.
  11. I have a chest piece/robe that I got from the BT flashpoint that has the hood down. Typical that the Sith get the cool looking stuff. While Jedi's are left looking like prom rejects, unless you're lucky enough to find a complete set of battleborn armour or have enough money/legacy level to get the Guardian legacy armour.
  12. The eight class quests are all single player... How do they differ from KOTOR I/II?
  13. Lol revolutionary space combat. We'll get to loop de loop next not just barrel roll
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