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  1. TOR is not SWG. Thanks for playing, goodbye.
  2. Yes! No! Maybe?! How are we supposed to know what BioWare is taking seriously or not?
  3. Have you tried using a different browser? Or clearing your internet cookies?
  4. I wasn't aware that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker went around the galaxy mining asteroids and exploring different systems. My mistake!
  5. And that's where your argument fails. Most people aren't you.
  6. Wrong game, broseph. Even aside from the fact that you pulled that ratio straight out of your behind.
  7. The internet is not a "democratic society". Nor are these forums.
  8. Farewell random person who I've never met before.
  9. Not quite. Although I understand your analogy - not every region pays $15 a month, for example I believe Chinese players pay by the hour instead.
  10. Ah, the classic "if you don't believe in what I believe in then you're wrong" dismissal. Well, I'll leave you to your delusions then.
  11. Is this supposed to mean anything to me? You're showing me characters from a few Star Wars movies. Star Wars is a lot more then that. If it wasn't, it would be lame indeed.
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