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  1. Problem is that EA is known for abandoning games quickly once get the initial sales and think enough suckers will remain with little done to change it, so if you pay attention to what EA sees SWTOR like now you realise they dont care if it dies they will still get what they wanted out of it your 'Money'. EA doesnt want to fund it for all your suggestions to be done infact they have began layoffs of the SWTOR team which isnt yet finished. Try speak to one the people whom was working on the project they will tell you what really going on and how there been alot lies from EA to keep the investors happy.
  2. I think that Consumer affairs needs to investigate the refund issue on subscriptions, why should a company get months of income when the consumer was not happy and quit, In my view it should be illegal and im not sure why this hasnt been adressed first time subscriptions came into picture, a consumer should be aloud to cancel a subscription and get a refund.
  3. EA themself have stated this game is no longer a priority hence they are downsizing the teams and it was most likely more than 200 people. EA attitude is like see what you can get out of the ignorant customers left then let the game die we will move on to other titles, there entire marketing stragety is release get sales let games die, they focus on the initial profit from sales then just let games die, why do you think it known as the worst company it not because of their profit/income it because of how they treat consumers.
  4. I prefer you keep denying then get shock of your life soon enough that it much less than you thought, now dont think big companys wont lie if can get away with it.
  5. Your going by nonsense made up by a company whom has lied before, you think at top end of money making they are honest, they bend the truth as often as they can get away with it. Your going by your own asumptions thinking your clever but denying the reality of the games state itself, there is not even 400k people playing this game right now actively, you have case of denial and if you want to understand why people know they lied about the 25% do your own homework.
  6. This isnt even a proper mmo. Were did you get I dont Mmos from my comment. The fact is games fail because they suck nothing else.
  7. yes there been deceptions to stop stock drops, but it been done in way it was legal, free months and trials arnt illegal to offer and it can be counted as subs, rememebr they didnt say paying subscribers or active players.
  8. Try doubling 400k and your closer to the real loses, there been deceptions happening and it good that people noticing the spins now, wait till free months run out and active 6month subs, you will then see the real number is below 400k.
  9. Shame your not a fly on wall inside EA/Bioware it is already known that the real number of loses is about 60%+ that fluffing of the subs was done via free month and trials, that part reason for the massive layoffs and the priority of the game droping. The companys which made it have lost faith in game seems some fanbois are in denial of the problem, it does not have 1.3million active players it has about 300k and rest is fluffed up from the freemonths and subs not yet ran out, this is known and it wasnt lieing to stock holders because it true, theres nothing illegal about bending the truth it was stated '1.3million subscribers' wasnt said they were paying or even login that doesnt mater as long it looks good to investors gives time to cut losses, there been discussions about moving to FTP soon keep denying if you want, many people have lost their jobs over SWTOR.
  10. The games problem isnt a lack of LFG feature or server transfers, the games problem is it boring, if the game was fun people wouldnt have quit it comes down to one thing bordom the game is behind it times, if it came out 6yrs ago it would been a massive sucess but coming out basically 2012, it is behind it time it design is basically the same as original wow which is a 2001 game, It graphics arnt much better and it gameplay is boring it totally instanced almost everything, there no real worldly feel to it, it a single player game with few multiplayer features. The patch 1.3 wont save the game the problem isnt features it the overall design of the game it lacks everything starwars universe should have, their no open world feel at all theres no space interaction in a proper way it should be done, theres nothing really but it voice acting and story which once done is boring anyway, fact is not everyone likes rolling alts, most just get 1-2 high lvls and focus on end game and the end game of this game is crap. So put the game to rest it had it chance it lifespan has run out even the company whom made it has lost faith in it.
  11. Honestly it much higher than 400k whom left, there been problems in the company for sometime now that why others whom got fire/left earlier released information about problems of the game before it went gold. It is not even considered a priority any longer by EA and Biowares company has become destroyed by this game, currently their is about 300k active playing subscribers the rest is fluffed up numbers for stock reports. There been deceptions done in way that they can cover themselves but soon enough the real numbers will come out once the free months finish and the higher month subs. There is talk of the game going into a FTP model which will basically be buy to win to get most out of it they can before complete flop. That the truth.
  12. Another person posted a later statement that said after asked how many were left of the 1.7million they said about half.
  13. Ok might not made it clear. Let say the statement was true that EA lost half of the players after the first month of release, leaving 850k players subscribed. Now the recent report for May claimed they have remaining 1.3million subscribers from the original 1.7million which they said half left from. So if you add it up to actually make 1.3million the current subscriptions concurrently. They would had to actually have gain 1.3million subs in months of january-may. To recoupe the loses of half to bring it back to 1.7million then - 400k to have the figure they claimed is current subs at 1.3million.
  14. Add it up say inital sales were 1.7million as was told originally, but then EA said they retained half of the original players from first month, then that means they had 850k in month of january, so to make the 1.3 million 'sub number' it would require they got 1.3 million from january to may, so that - 400k leaves 1.3million. What if the true figure is reversed in that the real subs left is 400k and the loss is 1.3million that would fit better considering server situation.
  15. I saw in thread while ago someone posted a link that said that EA had stated after being asked how many of the 1.7million stayed to subscribe that it was about half and this was back in january, so if that true than leave peoples about 850k, now let look closely if they made 1.3million subs then wouldnt that mean they had to gain about 1.3 million subs after january to may to make that number considering they claimed a loss of 400k only. This doesnt add up that means they gained 1.3million subs, how is that possible when so many are leaving it seems to be numbers are fabricated and that if I was a investor id do a legal investation into this. There is no way I believe that this game reacted 1.7million after losing half in january then it loses only 400k in march-may? Something isnt right and this has alot to do with corruption in stock markets with dodgy methods to buff numbers which should be made illegal.
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