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  1. Read my signature and you know how great pubside is at PvP at the moment.
  2. After 2 years of not PvEing I am tempted to start PvEing again . If you think you are competent , whisper me in-game or send an in-game mail. In the Interest of gender equality , Males are welcome too. Bonus points if you are competent at PvP.
  3. If I could bring back 8v8s just by asking Bioware I would.
  4. From what I heard from the PVE people , Ranged is the way to go for PVE so ....
  5. God, you are on Harbinger -_-. Use your Dcds , Use your Fury stacks , Use Deadly Throw on Healers , Use Frenzy , Use Bloodthirst , Use Obfuscate , Use Disruption. In Short Don't Play the Marauder Class.If you reroll , please buy warzone medpacks.
  6. If you ever read any of you threads you know what I think about marauders in 3.0
  7. I feel insulted that my guild isn't listed , and I have more Legit T1 Toons in my guild than most of the guilds you listed.
  8. Cèll is the only Legit Sentinel/Marauder that did Group Rank and did not wintrade in Harbinger. http://www.swtor.com/leaderboards/class/sentinel-marauder/the-harbinger
  9. My Signature explains how bad pubs are.
  10. -_-. Since it goes off Highest earned , once they get the required no. they can sit in que and not do anything not accept pops , and still get rewards since 30 wins to 1650 and 70 losses. If you mean 100 games to get played to get a rating, LOL , Good luck with that.
  11. If there is some ERP going on I'll transfer a marauder over . Jk.
  12. Macro using -_- Our tank Clicks . So you are totally in favor of the whole everyone is a winner philosophy. Honestly if they tie them to matches "played" , Guess what , PvErs who just want the reward would look at hmm 500 Matches played? Time to /stuck and get matches over with and que with no gear and get top rewards.
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