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  1. There's way too much cc and I feel it's ridiculous that certain classes have so much immunity to it while others have none. I get most frustrated on Mara and merc
  2. Thanks for the info. 2/3 of the time, eh? You must be unpredictable indeed lol. I can see 2/3 of the time if we got the jugg util unstoppable or if seemingly every class but us couldn't just engage their effing warp speed drive for free all the dang time and run out of range. Either way, the way the game has been lagging for me, I don't think I'll gear for alacrity until it clears up.
  3. Have any of you smarter folks done any testing or math for pvp stats or BiS for carnage/combat? Seems like the consensus is to still have no crit and stack surge to 68% and then power?? Is there still only marginal difference between power and main stat augs? I've heard 7-10% alacrity but I'm assuming that's for PvE because banking on getting a full gore/ps window in pvp is foolish, so gearing for it seems foolish. thanks!
  4. You both make good points. I hadn't thought too hard on the tank side because i don't really play tank but it does make a lot more sense from that angle. I guess a slightly stronger vs for 2 rage is a decent use of a GCD if it's still undefendable.
  5. Yeah, your'e both right. I'll just be sad to see it change. One of my favorite skills for PVP.
  6. The only point I ever saw in the skill is that it's off the GCD. I know they are altering it to be on the GCD, but that seems like fixing something that's not broken.
  7. Please leave retaliation off of the GCD. That is all.
  8. On-topic: find some friends to play with and your opinion will change. Off-topic: there is nothing better than playing a premade that gets complacent after getting the data core in VS and then steamrolling their slack defense for the win
  9. You misunderstand me I meant no offense. That was just my joking impression of a player who does ranked talking to someone in a pug. I've never been able to get into ranked because i can't get on during peak hours thanks to my job. So if this makes it more accessible as promised then I am excited. Though I don't see why they couldn't have left 8v8 in.
  10. Timewired


    How do you guys target? Because as it stands this is my targeting system: *rotate camera so desired target is center screen* ->tab(wrong target) -> tab(wrong target) -> tab(wrong target) -> *sheepishly point and click* What am I missing here
  11. I'd say about half of the juggernauts i see in pugs don't taunt. And that's not even looking at PT's and sins. Every second your taunts sit off CD is wasted protection potential. Not only are you not maximizing your utility, you are forsaking 3 free medals. If you don't want to think about the placement or timing of your taunts, then just spam them and i will thank you kindly. Its not like they are on the GCD anyway. Sincerely, People who like to win
  12. Can't look at the pic on my phone but thats impressive
  13. Nice! I've never played a dps jugg only immortal. Anybody else?
  14. Ive gotten 400k+ a few times in voidstar stalemates. I think the most I ever got was 454k. Anybody ever break 500k or even 600k?
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