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  1. I might be in the minority but being forced to play content just to get to the Legacy of the Sith expansion is crap. My SW doesn't give two craps about the Mandalorians yet has to go through the FP and possibly more just to get to the expansion. Forcing players to do this is messed up. Should have the option to skip like you could other things and start it up. Took a gamble on coming back but this is it for me, I am so done.
  2. I'm beyond peeved they are forcing you to do content to get the new expansion. I dont give to craps about the Mando FP yet I have to do it? Yeah I took a gamble on this but Im done with this game now.
  3. Wow this is well thought out and makes almost perfect sense.
  4. I am running windows 7 and I havent been able to launch the game from either Steam which I get a C1 error message or the launcher. With the launcher it doesn't appear at all after I hit play. Anyone know what is going on?
  5. Tried both things and it still isn't working. Didn't have this issue until the last patch.
  6. I'm having the same issue and I am running Windows 7.
  7. I've messing around with making a few stories about my SW and Darth Gravus, for some reason I find him sorta hot...dont judge me lol His voice is so damn..well yea and the way he just brushes off Thana's rebellion is just awesome like he could give a crap. I also refuse to acknowledge that Annihilation is a book in the SW Universe as well. While he on the outside is a cold, calculating bastard, I see hits of sarcasm and think he would be different in private. I am looking after the SW ends thus my girl is the Wrath and Darth Fluffy is toasted. I am just hitting a major case of writers block that I can't break and its driving me up a wall. What are y'alls views of Gravus?
  8. Current: Darth Sha'kira Jugggernaut Sith Pure Blood LS V Agent Aishha Sniper Chiss DS 4 Majd Maurder Human DS 2 ( lvl 34) Meshia Inquisitor Rataakki LS 2 (lvl 18) Agent Bakr Sniper Miraluka DS 1 ( lvl 39) Future: Another Inquist but DS maybe Twilek No intention of making a Pub Toon
  9. The IA ship, followed closely by the Interceptor (SW, SI) ship, BH is meh, I hate the Jedi ship for some reason and the Trooper ship just sucks.
  10. Satele Shan by a mile. She is stronger in the Force, slightly less annoying and won't run like a coward like Thanaton did.
  11. I would so take Gravus as a Master myself...something about his voice that is like damnnnn.
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