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  1. lmao, Jugs don't even have a stun unless they spec into it then they have one.
  2. jamesjrXXX

    Armament Daily?

    Has the daily been removed? If so, why? If not why can't I and anyone else in my guild get it?
  3. ahhh poor little healers are no longer OP & the biggest tanks in the game. Now you fit your role rather than face rolling because no one on your team can be killed, including the healers.
  4. Just a fyi...
  5. There is no cancellation, it's simply delayed to fix bugs...
  6. Good, it's our turn to turn the tables on these casters...
  7. Being an OP we get a 5% buff, but with a longer CD for our kniving abilities. I'm hoping we'll still be playable, if not I have two other 50s to fall back on.
  8. Good because the last thing we need is more buggy sh...
  9. I kept meaning to check if I could, thanks for reminding me
  10. You do realize you have been missing out on a big part of the game, including gear that would improve your pvp performance? Which would include but not limited to being able to craft rakata implants, belt & bracer, stems, ext, do to the lack of companions. As well as other gear & mods only obtained in Operations.
  11. I use a comp. I built back in 2007/2008 barely meeting the minimum specs and have very little to no lag, even at high graphics (although I keep them lower do to long load times in some areas at high). When I first got swtor I had pretty bad lag, after buying new RAM (same specs as before) I've had very little, except during epic battles in Ilum.
  12. jamesjrXXX


    Tanks are good at getting objectives in pvp, a good tank can walk from one end to the other with the ball in hutball, scoring a touchdown. While "dps tanks" are still reasonable at the above. I have a Vengeance speced Jug that I've scored all 6 touchdowns several times, although it took several attempts for each in most cases. While in some cases I get faced rolled do to the whole team jumping me. lol good stuff!
  13. You will be able to buy WH gear with coms...
  14. Haven't watched the 2nd video, but in the first most of the OPs kills weren't stunned or even CCed they simply didn't fight back. While several were rooted but didn't bother to fight back or even move after the short root wore off. You can't blame a OPs because players panic and don't both to fight back. OPs are one of if not the most squishy classes in the game thus players that don't panic and fight back have a good chance to kill the OP. Only thing that this video proved was that the players this OP was up against weren't good.
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