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  1. oh. I've played through every story at least once. most stories 3+ times. I've also taken multi-year breaks from the game. I have 25+ 65+ toons (most are 70 but I'm having difficulty caring about anything in-game anymore to raise the rest). anyway, my point is that even having missed around 3+ years of game time, I've already played through the trooper, bh, and warrior stories at least 4 or 5 times each and all the other classes at least 1 usually 2 (except counselor which is gawd awful so once was enough). totally agree with you about the 1.0 stories (planet and class) being top notch. but really...how many times can you run through the same story? there's only 3 choices for dialog and there's rarely more than 2 outcomes (usually just 1) for your comps.
  2. I have to admit, it annoys me when, in a CW/Yavin, a teammate of mine tries to flip one of the 3 nodes that the other team has when the score is something like 350 to 100. the game is over. flipping a node at that point only serves to drag out the match. is the capper medal so important to you? don't get me wrong. I was there to clear the node. I was still playing. but actually capping it is just a waste of my (and presumably everyone else's) time b/c losses count for nothing and it's just much longer in a losing match before I can requeue.
  3. you're wrong on all counts. the WZs are not empty. the leveling instances are empty. but the game's 10 years old. I don't understand how/why anyone is still leveling new toons at this point. in any case, max level pvp population is fine more to the point, pvp servers were merged with pve for the same reason rp servers were merged with regular servers: all servers were low on population, and the revised server technology allows one server to host both pve and pvp instances. it had literally nothing to do with pvp-specific servers dying. they weren't "dying" anymore than pve servers were. I was on both, btw. and I even planted some toons on an RP PVP server (jung ma) which was my best experience of the entire game. the players there were a lot more respectful and a lot less nonsense went on in the pvp and pve aspects of the game, gen chat, etc. but yeah...um...I started on a pve server and the population and content droughts were so bad and population so low, that pvp (huttball) was the only group thing you could even do on the origin servers. edit: not that the majority of players aren't pve, but the pvp instances pop just fine w/o the influx of chickens with their heads cut off b/c of GS.
  4. he's talking about the off hand weapon missing. off hand accuracy is (or was?) not as good as main hand. tbh, I haven't thought about this in swtor for a LONG time. like...not since the 1.0 days. it's more of an issue in WoW if memory serves. but you also have to remember that offhand weapon dmg (in wow) is minimal vis-a-vis main hand. as stated, I don't even remember how swtor handles offhand dmg anymore (suggesting it's a non-issue so I didn't bother). but the idea is that MH weapon will hit and do more dmg than the OH weapon. nevertheless, the OH weapon does do some dmg, so if you're a dual wield class, you "miss" more with the OH than the MH. sentinels, for example, have a skill that increases their OH accuracy, iirc. can't go back and check as I already unistalled the game. lol
  5. aye. the last straw for me was reading this (underline and bold added)... so I read that after coming out of a WZ in which some dude I don't even know or recognize killed me 6-10 times with a slew of others and flagged me each time time. for those who don't know what flagging is, a flag is an item one receives as reward for earning bronze, silver, gold, or platinum(?) rank in rated arenas. the flag is designed to slam down on the corpse of a player who you have just killed. the entire purpose of the item is to insult, humiliate, and demoralize the other player. it's a form of game-sanctioned griefing. with the deserter debuff, you cannot even leave hte WZ. so you just hide or continue to play and be continually flagged by the guy(s) who enjoys rubbing it in on you. edit: I did not hide. my dps was pretty paltry (being 3 and 4 vs 1 or 2 will do that), but it was easily tops of my team. I would simply left rather than be flagged over and over. but there's that the deserter debuff, so my choices were hide and afk or try to play the game and deal with this form of BW-sanctioned harassment. the idea that these flags even exist, and then this chris what's-his-face can say he wants to encourage "safe, healthy competition" and "a growing, positive community" are so antithetical, there are no words in the english language to convey my consternation and incredulity. by the way, these flags are earned/obtained in rated arenas (I have a handful of them myself), but they can be used anywhere. like...WZs, places where BW is funneling "new players" into, players who are already going to get slaughtered, and then you have these obnoxious flags with their absurdly loud sfx just hammering down. exactly how full of **** is this dev? BW?
  6. it's just you. base xp w/o any bosters is insanely fast in this game. I honestly don't know why they bother with leveling at all. just start players out at max level. example: I went from 70-75 by completing 2 Warzones, the Onderon chapter (2-3 turn-ins?) and 1 turn-in on Mek-sha, which consisted literally of just talking to NPCs. I have tons of XP boosts in my cargo hold that I didn't bother using. And this was before any double-XP event. so no. XP is definitely not slow. it's actually a joke in this game. like a "speed hump" that's only half the size of a standard speed hump (a "speed hump" is a less obtrusive version of a "speed bump" on american roads designed to slow traffic should anyone not know what I"m referring to).
  7. it's much worse in the pit. it's weird b/c the entire quesh map is vertical, but you only deal with hyper movement buffs in a couple places. in other words, quesh is actually the flattest of the three HB maps. the elevation changes in the pit, although less precipitous, are far more regular and game-breaking. it starts with the first ramp right after the acid pit, and by the time the "de-sync" event clears up, the op is already rolling across the final fire plate. meanwhile, during the event, the in-game experience shows him in various places. the most frustrating of which is that he dropped down into the pit and actually shows him running down there for a couple seconds (just long enough to make you think he may actually be down there, imo!). my experiences with de-sync in quesh are related primarily to warrior leap, which is broken beyond recognition in the WZ anyway. fyi: my ping in spawn is 10-15ms, and my average ping in combat is 25-40ms, spiking to 75ms. nothing that should be so disastrous.
  8. explain to me again how flagging players in regs contributes to that healthy and positive community to me again. I'm having difficulty doing that math? but you sound like a smart guy. perhaps you could explain it?
  9. afaik, only animation differences affect them. for example, the aoe death from above seems to hit faster for mandos than mercs b/c of the animation delay. but even that is uncertain because of video lag being what it is. but I think all the significant animation delay differences were evened out ages ago (like sorcs having to do a somersault before their punt took affect). edit: I see you're not using key binds. that speeds things up. using your mouse to click abilities is slow, but it's especially bad as a healer b/c you're moving from the ops frame to the heal button. that's two clicks + the time to move your mouse cursor. using keybinds, you only have to mouse over your ops frame (not having to move it between ops frame and ability buttons, and you can also mash keys faster than mouse clicks in order to get abils off the millisecond they come off gcd).
  10. wherever the y-axis changes, which is virtually everywhere.
  11. I would argue the problem stems from homogenizing all of the rewards systems and making them a reward (singular) system. keep pvp rewards separate from ops, which are separate from fps, which are separate from gsf, and so on... but instead, the end game is the same. tech frags and the same gear. there are differences in decos and some gear drops. but...not this big GS thing. not the big tech frags thing. and that is a divisive issue that, I'm sorry is not cut and dry.
  12. Major Lag? Call me Sgt. Sagg, and we'll have this problem in the bag!
  13. as a person who spends hours PvPing on a daily basis, I feel the need to correct the populist misinformation that you are spreading with this post. first of all, the vast majority of regs have premades on both teams. this is particularly true when the issue is FOUR-MAN premades. now, not all premades are alike. on SF, for example, the most devastating premades usually are not even 4m. It's a healer and two dps (any combination of lightning sorc, AP PT, fury/carny mara, conealment op). and more often than not, they're ignoring objectives for the thrill of the hunt, so to speak. what makes them devastating is 1) they know how to maximize their spec's dps, 2) they practice this thing called "focus fire" where they attack the same target at the same time, and 3) they know all the other specs in the game, so they know how to dps *around* their target's DCDs. they can do all of this with just 2 dps. don't even need the healer. for example, there's a couple sins in <obliterate> that will queue regs and just go on killing sprees. if I'm on their team in the same section of the map, I'll stick with them and focus down whoever they're targeting. that's a 2m premade and a solo who recognizes how the usefulness of focus fire. and I've been on the other end of it plenty of times as well. I don't know what goes on over on DM. from the sounds of it over the years, it does sound like a more callous experience vis-a-vis SF and, before that, CO, JC, and JM. but I can tell you this, premades were a much larger problem in the past when the same guild would construct "super queues" and purposely q-sync to land on the same team, going so far as to leave the WZ if they didn't get their 8m premade. this practice disappeared long before JC merged into SF, so it had nothing to do with the ridiculous deserter debuff afaik. as for the OP's example, that doesn't sound at all like a premade. in fact, usually the worst players in the game will stealth out in the end zone waiting for a pass because that's literally the only thing they CAN do to contribute to their team's win b/c they are otherwise inept and would be swept off the map. I say this, btw, as someone who is also inept on a sin and used to do just that in pick-up ranked WZ (or stealth guard a node where my only job was to call the alert and toss out a couple mezzes to stall a cap). my point is this, that stealth in the end zone = not some great hard core player. that sorc/sage pulling players up = doing what he's supposed to do. FYI: the way you win at HB in the pit is to control the spawn. If you control spawn, then it doesn't matter what chain of pulls, passes, and stealths the other team has setup. they'll never possess the ball. that is why when the good pvpers who ignore objectives carry on their DMing at mid, it's still helpful in that particular map. lastly, I totally agree with the OP about this GS crap forcing players to pvp, gsf, or run ops. make it a choice, or just create separate rewards systems for each one. but then ppl would prolly cry about not getting access to the other content's rewards, so...iunno. BW does this stuff very badly, but it's a thankless job no matter how they do it.
  14. out of curiosity, what was the question and the response? PM if it's not "legal" to post here.
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