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  1. Hi friend Threads dead can't argue with stupid. Fascinate won't give me something to post to hotwired he just giggles in voip. I was also told Zorz wouldn't of killed this form of Brontes without PTs. I don't wanna touch that and say good day ladies
  2. The class was broken on PTS/launch broken because you corrected the "alacrity" issue which was amusing because it was a non issue and it needed nerfs not buffs. So yes or no did Fasc/Mari parse much higher on the PTS? So yes or no did they do more damage on live? Would you like to follow him to WoW Can't win your Pov with More is more. Mikey did more than me its ok friend
  3. Look bro you had the SAME resources they had during the 3.0 PTS. You never were close just insisted you were "correct" and the class had a alacrity issue which was amusing to say the least. Good to see you are still delusional. At the very least you're not your GM with some Scooba Steve roleplay we dababes cuz we've played since launch rawrrrrrr.
  4. Is playing for the longevity of a game a thing now? There is literally noting to play for incase you missed the memo George and Matt (operation team) are no longer with the team or were reassigned. Jesse Sky (KOTFE head honcho) was fired because the great vision he had for the game had no longevity to it and I don't think they are meeting quotas. If competing for a world first is limping to the finish line pre nerf and then getting beat by a 8M guild in 3.0 have fun and best of luck. Have fun being optimistic but realistically the game will be shutdown before a new operation is released. You're literally worse than Hotwired and his best Merc "rotation" with what you are posting. I actually like RikuvonDrake he is one of the few sensible NGE players. Not worth my time to banter with you with what you posted.
  5. Woah remember when NGE was rah rah NM DP 16M extreme esports uber hard and I said it was easy and we'd beat the 16 guilds to the next tier? Hi Talk **** get hit? You know its bad when Europeans want to come play in Zorz over a EU guild. NGE clearing irrelevant HM content when MoX was the second guild during S/V is rather amusing. Y'all started getting hammered when someone relevant reentered the scene (SG.) You're literally bragging about the most stupid **** like DnT would claiming world first login bosses when the competition was thin at best and the #1 competitor (Hatred) was busy not pulling Grob'thok because Carl was a terrible progression leader and wanted idiots pulling bosses. Yeah MoX was terrible it was literally 6 people with brains/thumbs carrying 10 people that were bodies to complete the roster that could be replaced with literally anyone. This was never a competitive raiding scene as people wouldn't bench off of poor performance, repeated mistakes, and all the stuff. MoX wasn't good and was 3rd to kill the boss and in the process of killing tanks burned out those without thumbs and people that didn't enjoy raiding a 9-12 hour schedule. The game until 2.2 was an unborn fetus where 99% of players sucked and the game was so unpolished to be competitive you needed like 6 people with thumbs and the other ten to show up. Literally go watch kill videos or have first hand experience. Please don't compare any form of Hates You to Zorz. We had the edge in every position and if the fight didn't go as scripted as orderken needed he looked like a beached whale. He literally had to get calculations met or he couldn't compute. Remember you can't double Sorc heal council. The only players from Hates You I ever wanted was Bat/Cat and I never saw them in a serious raiding setting and I don't think either was in a progression setting better than our PT's/snipers. They were close though and I had extended invites pre 3.0 to both. As for SG vs Zorz 8M Who gets smugglin? LOL @ SG healers Zorz had DPS edge SG had mechanical edge Could SG raid as much as needed? SG vs Zorz 16M 3.0 Zorz 16M was better than DF/DP SG SG until thinmints got caught with the online booty was much better player for player. Still WAITING FOR THE NEXT ZORZ FOR THE NEW RAIDS. TOP KEK. Inb4 PTS/exploit gate/no life You can thank the contributions to my paypal for the post. CAN'T HEAL MORE THAN 2 STACKS OF HK SHIV TOP KEK.
  6. If you think Zorz was anything that you described you're wrong. We also weren't loud when we quit nor did we quit over the monolith having 204 gear. We also made much less noise that happened on reddit when the community received the news that the expansion had no new operations. I also don't know why I'm responding It just irritated me your assessment of us when you've had no interaction with us and unless it was from me it was probably hearsay.
  7. So I can still post but in game I'm preferred. So contact freakyd http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3940797 http://zorzz.enjin.com/profile/3656408 Thanks still looking for buyers for all the things. Also thanks for all the messages we've received about us leaving/inquiries. Thanks If it was only LEGAL to sell credits.
  8. No longer have Revan decos or trans
  9. We're officially calling it quits. Looking to turn our in-game items into credits. Prefer large bulk sales. I'm losing forum access So I can still post but in game I'm preferred. So contact freakyd http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3940797 http://zorzz.enjin.com/profile/3656408 http://gyazo.com/9b0a97c842926c38bcf3b6c2c8d9ee0c http://gyazo.com/77e91321a9706ceb3c650983bde3f86c x4 Reconstructed Hypergate x3 Statue of Ancient Horror x10 Statue of Oriconian Warrior x15 Statue of the Burning Skull x450 Exonium x60 Major Experience Boost
  10. So access is lost in four days this will be my last update. On the 3.2 nerfs if I was still actively playing I would of kept updating just with a post 3.2 category like other threads do. No one was interested in keeping the thread alive so let it die or turn it into a discussion thread.
  11. When I first made the thread I went by what Justin/I knew and what had been posted on community server forums. This list is far from accurate just was a way to engage the community as we all know how Bioware is about transparency. Anyhow on topic: updated grats on Revan <enraged>
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