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  1. Wow, like ages to present a completed Vaylin XD https://vc-rp.de/gallery/userImages/cf/4166-cf62dcf0.jpg
  2. I loved it, and aww nice hug from Eric I hope everyone got a shirt in their size, L was like M. Totally forgot about the british sizes XD. But I guess next time I won't be there as Twi'lek. Too hot XD.
  3. As I know from previous Cantina Events, they have a certain limit. After it's used up, you have to buy your drinks. (I doubt you will get drunk XD Since i don't drink alcohol, I can't say for sure, but I think it was mostly beer and wine. But it's not the drinks why you want to be there. Nice people, not too crowded and a lot of fun. I remember the evenings as very pleasent events. *thumbsup*
  4. Forum is to laggy... no chance to post in time ^^
  5. Reminder of the rules, post your answers in this thread. First guess, I will PM you a code. I am also randomly putting codes in each post for the fastest among you. Ok, next question. I have a Star Wars coffee cup. What character is on my cup? -eric Vader ^^
  6. Your installation might be as damaged as mine. After I had deinstalled antivirus it still did not work. I deinstalled everything and downloaded the launcher, installed it (without bitraider, instruction here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showpost.php?p=6693353&postcount=2) After that I could install launcher and start it, right now I patching, seems to work so far.
  7. It seems that it killed my installation completely. I deinstalled Antivir and my game still doesn't work. Now I have to redo, and if that doesn't t do... guess what. How can it be that the game gets killed like that -.- Edit: It did kill my SWTOR installation. After completely removing everything, reinstall works (yay launcher starts). (I'm installing with bitraider disabled).
  8. I did try that already. That doesn't do. The launcher still is only listed as process, but not as task. It's not a login issue, it's way bevor that, the launcher doesn't start at all. The other trick helped at other times, not here. Not at all. Lucky you that it does.
  9. With this I don't get the bluescreen and it seems to be there, but I can't see the launcher. So I can't login, theres just nothing exept the process. Nah, didn't do. Bluescreens after a bit aswell. Launcher is started, but kinda invisible.
  10. Hmm, I didn't notice the update, but I use Antivir aswell. And it did couse some error I couldn't explain, hmmm.
  11. I have the exact same Problem. No changes, no updates, worked fine until yesterday. I updated my drivers (NVIDIA) but that didn't do. My other programs work fine. (My eventlog also showed warnings related to Antivir, but deactivating Antivir didn't chance anything. It could be related or just coincidence. Here's a photo of the bluescreen (sorry for the quality, but I didn't want to crash my computer for the 5th time just to get a better capture. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8fnfyed35qhfhq/bluescreen%20swtor.jpg?dl=0 System btw. is Win7 SP1 64 bit. Edit: Even Telephone support got lost, so some more clarifications: It happenswhen I hit the icon for the game, the launcher doesn't even appear so we can't do anything with it. At one or 2 of my tries where I started as admin, the game at least didn't bluescreen me, in the task manager the process launcher was there, but that was it.
  12. There's a character from the new expansion, Vaylin that looked pretty cool to me so I wanted to draw her. Here's the scetch: http://on.fb.me/1Gc5OcC
  13. Kurzer Hinweis, ihr habt euch im Text beim Datum verschrieben. Da sollte doch sicher auch der 22. rein
  14. http://vc-rp.de/wcf/images/photos/photo-2790-54e614ec.jpg I haven't been posting anything for ages... but today I was playing around... I wanted to design a bike I definitly would like to have in game... Gimme
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