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  1. http://www.creativeshed.com/2014/05/star-wars-episode-vii-caterer-feeling-pressure/
  2. Hi - just a very belated post to say we're still going strong, with Episode 77 released in the past couple of days: http://oceanicgamer.com/2014/05/flash-point-77/ The first half of the podcast is 100% SWTOR, then we tend to cover other MMOs and related stuff in the second half
  3. Ep 41 is up as of now: http://oceanicgamer.com/2012/09/flash-point-41-short-rant-is-feasible/ Points of discussion: SWTOR - 1.4 update on PTS - Shout-out to Jem for her great Mercernary/Commando 1.4 expert panel - Speculation on 1.4 dropping this week - Remaining active SWTOR podcasts discussion (Reddit link)
  4. I'm not fazed either way to be honest. I just thought Jem did a great job pulling together some experienced players to discuss the changes...
  5. http://oceanicgamer.com/2012/09/the-third-edge-1-4-balancing-for-mercenaries-commandos/
  6. Episode 40 - Funeral for an Evil Laugh http://oceanicgamer.com/2012/09/flash-point-40-funeral-for-an-evil-laugh/
  7. http://oceanicgamer.com/2012/08/swtor-grinding-the-gears/ A snippet: There’s nothing so embarrassing as trying to go up a hill in the wrong gear. You can hear the engine struggle and have to endure the amused smiles from passengers in other cars as they bomb past you. Unless you are a complete idiot, you will change down gears. This is clearly BioWare Austin’s revised philosophy as Bioware’s Executive Producer for Live Services, Jeff Hickman, has pointed out in a recent interview with Zam.com. Lets face it, BW has become notorious for offering up big promises of things ‘coming soon’ but for the most part it’s been a bad case of over-promising and under-delivering. It look like this is changing – hopefully.
  8. We're still proud to be going and we're coming up to our 40th fortnightly podcast
  9. For me, checking out the scenery is a big part of enjoyment, so I'm happy with travel times how they are
  10. Exactly - I think it's the interest for some people that's an issue...
  11. For sure profits are always the ulterior motive but I'm not convinced the subscription cat has been skinned all the ways it could be
  12. That's always the 64K question: to sub or not to sub as a business model. Everyone says the sub model is dead - I'm still not convinced on that....
  13. the rest here: http://oceanicgamer.com/2012/08/swtor-how-many-cartel-coins-to-the-drachma/
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