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  1. Could someone please pm me a code that hasn't been posted yet? No success with any of the recent ones.
  2. Someone from my guild has the same problem. In three runs he hasn't gotten the achievement, neither for SM nor for HM.
  3. First time I was in Boarding Party HM I died at the first boss. Ran back to the group and died shortly afterwards from the same attack. Kept getting stuck in the pipes in Directive 7. Later, I fell down into the water. Luckily, the others were very patient. Ran into the dangerous water in the Black Hole before figuring out that I need to activate the mission item.
  4. Tritt nicht nur bei der Sorc Bubble auf. Kriege auch ständig Gruppenmitglieder oder Begleiter ins Target. Im englischen Forum gabs letztens nen Diskussionsthread dazu, manche sagen, bei ihnen passiert das nie, bei anderen passiert es oft. Mit der Funktion automatisch nächstes Ziel anvisieren hat es aber nichts zu tun, die ist bei mir immer deaktiviert.
  5. I know it's easy to say from the outside, but that's really low. I didn't follow the Sentinel/Marauder discussion because I rarely play my pure DPS characters, but I was glad to see him responding to the concerns of the healer community. I understand that sometimes people can feel powerless when their favourite classes or skills get changed in a direction they dislike, but the amount of harassment described is both unwarranted and unworthy of any decent human being.
  6. In den Entwicklernews steht aktuell das:
  7. I don't even reach character selection anymore, stuck in loading screen. Thanks for the update, Tait.
  8. Thank you, Tait (I don't bother reading the German forums as most of the communication only takes place on the English ones. I should probably read it more often in those cases, though, I guess...)
  9. I think it was online after his post and went offline again at some point. Anyway, please give us an acknowledgement that you're aware of the problem.
  10. Personally, I prefer Devastator's Double-Bladed Lightsaber.
  11. Well, you can't target emotions directly at them, but they will still see your other emotions. At least, that's what I have gathered from quickly testing it.
  12. Decided to do a GF run on my Operative healer and got Boarding Party. In the beginning we had to wait for a bit until the other group members zoned in, so I took a look at the Juggernaut tank. His armor seemed suspicious because it resembled light armor. When I inspected him I saw that his gear was indeed a mixture of all armor classes and stats. I considered telling him what gear worked best for his class, but by then the other group members had finally arrived and we engaged the enemies. Unsurprisingly, the tank rolled need on each and every piece of gear. The only thing he said throughout the entire flash point was skip despite being called out on his gear and on constantly rolling need. Furthermore, he kept tunnelvisioning so I and the Sorc DPS got attacked quite often. He also killed the bonus boss Engineer before his droids (luckily I managed to hide behind a reactor core, so it wasn't a complete wipe). None of the other team members ever bothered using their interrupts. I will never understand why I as the healer always have to switch targets to use my interrupt when three people already have the guy as their target. But then again, I'm the one who would have to heal through it... By the time we reached the final boss the Sorc DPS had left and the tank and the Assassin DPS managed to pick the guy with the reflector shield as their primary target... While I was healing myself through the damage of the other two enemies - of course the tank didn't care at all - I figured the Sorc had been right in dropping group.
  13. Do you have Dark Side corruption active? You can deactivate it in the character sheet when you click the little armor symbol on the right side.
  14. I'll send you my last code via PM in case you still need one.
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