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  1. I hate swtor so much but I still can't quit because this is the greatest group of people I've ever met in an mmo. I don't think there's a better guild out there for an RP curious individual who still wants to do the traditional mmo stuff (raiding/pvp/etc) -Tai
  2. It's so easy to quit SWTOR, but it's somehow exceedingly difficult to quit Penumbral. I never posted in this while I was playing but I still hang around one of the better communities I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of so it seems somewhat fitting to write my piece here~ ~Tai
  3. and Should tell you that the forums are just a bandwagon of vocal minorities. People will complain and gripe and be upset with EAware but then fiercely defend the game that they continue to patronize and which continues to patronize them. That said, while I do understand some of your frustrations I do think it's a bit of a fallacy to deem your complaints to be objective when some of them are very subjective in nature. For instance, I don't particularly find cartel market spam or content locked behind paywalls to be negative aspects of the game, while I found the major performance issues to be very significant, which didn't really register much on your radar at all. Just my 2cents, I also recently unsubbed for a variety of differing reasons, I wish I could give away all my stuff before my sub time runs out.
  4. Ironic, because you failed to read my post on the first page describing how our group typically avoids it, the pull isn't telegraphed, but the impale is, and it's possible to pull Darok far enough away from Arkous or Jakarro when you get targeted for impale that if you get pulled you don't land on Jakarro.
  5. I guess easily telegraphed mechanics are just too hard for some people.
  6. Looking for another one of these, if anyone has one hidden away somewhere, name your price
  7. I honestly don't think it would matter if they did this. There's tons of 1-60 founder age players who have no clue how to play their class. I'd wager in most MMOs only <5% are people who are actually optimally proficient with their classes, it might be less in SWTOR because swtor is far more cd oriented and rotation heavy than something like WoW. On top of that, many servers in this game have population issues that this could help alleviate over time, sure you don't want to see clueless john in your groupfinder but at least there's a body there you can teach and play with vs sitting in a queue that doesn't pop because there aren't enough players. I think people overrate how important leveling is to learning a class. Very few end game builds play anywhere remotely similar to what people are doing while they're leveling.
  8. You can minimize this effect, Darouk target switches to whoever will get Impale next. If Jakarro has Impale already and is on Arkous you can just run Darouk really far away and outrange Arkous' pull so you can't get pulled on Jakarro once the Impale goes up on you. If Jakarro is on Darouk instead you can keep running Darouk in a circle so Jakarro is always behind him and if you get pulled you won't die right away. If instead, Jakarro is the next target of Impale and you already have Impale you should be really far away from both of them to avoid being pulled onto him. It's easy because Darouk won't move at all if he's on Jakarro and Arkous will not move while channeling. There are times where it still happens, but our groups very rarely lose anyone to Jakarro anymore.
  9. I didn't expect them to say anything. But even players and rampant exploiters on my server have not been actioned or reported any actions against them. It isn't just bioware that can affirm actions were taken you know.
  10. What part of that conflicts with what I said? Their lack of disclosure further reinforces the concept that very little action will be taken against you if you exploit. Again, I don't care about exploiters at all, I think the industrious ones that moved a Hard Mode Coratanni Lockout to my server which hadn't cleared the first 2 bosses in that operation at the time were ingenious. What I care about is the stance that supports exploiting as the objectively beneficial way to play.
  11. I actually did just cancel my sub, I came back in October after being a beta preorder player and quitting a few months after launch to play through some stories on the 12x exp boost and found myself an enjoyable guild and continued playing a lot longer than I had originally intended. I've invested about 2000+$ since I've been back in the CM, either for myself or by buying CC cards for guild members and friends (because it's the holidays and giving gifts is fun for me), so it isn't like I don't have an investment to continue on, but the Slot Machine really is the final straw. My issue isn't really that they changed it, or that it became whatever it is 'intended,' but that they again, released an exploitable piece of content and then let the early exploiters run away with it while telling people it wasn't a problem. I know lots of my guild members were more moderate in their use of the slot machine because they had read that it was working as intended, (I had bought 4 crates to get enough for our guild ship before I had to be out of town right that weekend to attend an out of country wedding, so I myself also missed out on reaping the rewards), and ended up expecting it to be around and useful for a longer period of time vs spending all their waking time macroing for jawa junk. This is just like the Ravagers exploit where people who got in early have an undeniable advantage over people who got in later, or didn't participate, yet there's no affirmation of any action being taken to curb that type of reward. To be honest, I don't really care what other people choose to do in the game and although I feel like the Jawa Junk fiasco has created a lot of monopoly issues on essential materials on our server, it isn't something that can't be overcome with time. What I really am objecting to is that by their decisions and actions/inactions Bioware is pretty much telling me that if I want the most beneficial edge in this game I need to be on the ground floor of every exploitable mechanic and abuse it until it's fixed with no fear of repercussion and no reward of integrity.
  12. Exactly. Please refrain in the future.
  13. Like your entire posting style is sensationalist rhetoric. You proposed a false clause to start with (that your change would produce a benefit) and then went on to generalize that the benefit would be so great that it would eclipse any possible cost. Both of these statements are clear exaggerations and empty of any actual substance, which would be what an objective oriented cost-benefit analysis could produce, rather than specious conjecture backed up by... nothing?
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