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  1. I find the idea of "BioWare should not waste the money on a Mac Client" to be a silly one. Let's take a closer look at why people are saying that over and over. The misconception I believe is that people are making the assumption that BioWare will be throwing money and time away on a client for another platform. What people don't discuss is the benefits. I do realize that this is the internet and people simply want to say whatever they like whether or not it is informed or even true. The benefits being ignored are monetary gain, brand loyalty, and player base. More users mean more money and players. I think it is worth a moment of pause when thinking about another client/s before dismissing it outright. More players and revenue will not hurt the Windows client player base. It will only help everyone involved. Regardless about how one feels about this platform or the other, it's more money, more people. How is this logic not completely sound? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Thank you for your post. My view on this thread is that we all can be civil with each other. Having a leveled headed and respectful debate is always a worthwhile endeavor.
  3. Please take a moment to read the topic of this thread. In the original post it was stated that: THIS IS NOT A MAC VS. PC THREAD THIS IS NOT A BOOTCAMP THREAD If you are looking to debate how one PC manufacturer is better than another PC manufacturer I would ask that you start a thread of your own. If you would like to debate or give advice about Bootcamp I would again ask that you use the Bootcamp threads. Our little thread here is about support for a Mac Client. As much as I appreciate debates over different PC platforms, manufacturers, and OS makers, this is not the topic of our thread. Please be kind and respectful of each other.
  4. It's what makes the argument so convoluted and silly. What people are really saying is "My PC is better than your PC." Either way the topic is worded it still has nothing to do with our thread.
  5. If you choose to invalidate yourself from the discussion I take no offense. You may taunt me if you choose but it won't elisit an angry response on my part. My answer was clear and accurate, I still awake a counterpoint to the question you asked.
  6. The hundreds of thousands of Mac World of Warcraft subscribers may disagree with your viewpoint. Many guild started in SWTOR have said in many other SWTOR forums that their guilds are taking 20-30% hits because of the Mac users in their guilds. This of course is an indicator from another game however it is SWTOR’s main competitor, all MMORPGS main competitor in fact. If you like I can find some of those links for you to take a look at.
  7. I made no assumptions in my pervious post. You may have added them after the fact but it doesn’t change the market. Adequate proof of market share and support was given. The onus does not fall to me in such a case. The computer sales have grown year after year if you wish to belabor the point. Those statistics are not in dispute. A company that makes computers gains market share and brand loyalty year in year out. Is this not enough of an indicator? I suspect that perhaps you problem lies more in a company name and it’s perception than in it’s worth in the gaming community. Your bias towards a particular brand of computers does not change the market trend and strength I had outlined previous. If you would like to debate maybe how strong that momentum really is then I think a dialogue is more than acceptable. Simply saying Company X is nothing but it’s mobile line is a skewed view not taking into account the rest of the company hardware and the loyal users they garner. Your did not give a counterpoint to what you had asked for. You did not acknowledge the point previously made. You pointed out a large wing of a company and skipped the portion of the company that you had asked to be clarified. I would ask that you give a response related to the answer of your original question.
  8. The proof for a need of Mac support is not complex. It is simply good business. Any company with a "fastest growing market" should be taken advantage of. Simply for monetary gain. Is this really so hard to grasp? Users who post here ask for proof that the Mac platform should be supported. Well you could look at the stock market if you are searching for figures. The company in question has been removed from stock numbers in order to give a more realistic view of the market. Apple has been so successful during the recession that analysts are ruling out their gains in order to show what the market picture really is. Forget the Apple name, label it company X. If company X was gaining that kind of stock share AND it was a computer company would it simply not make sense to improve revenue stream by adding support to a fast growing, well supported platform? PC users call for numbers and figures, I refer you to the NYSE. There is money to be made, that is the simple argument. Those of us Mac users who are creative professionals resent the labels given by PC users. Would it really be fair to label Alienware users as nothing more than grossly overweight gaming nerds who pay for over priced plastic computers? I don't think that is a fair assessment nor do I think that all Mac users are trendy hipsters, a great many of use work for a living. Be respectful and you will be treated likewise.
  9. If people would like to discuss which brand of computer is best I welcome you to start a thread topic about it. However, as stated numerous times previously , this thread is NOT about Mac Vs. PC or Bootcamp. The topic is “Do you support a Mac OS X client in Star Wars the Old Republic?” Please be constructive and respectful of posters. Thank You.
  10. I think you may have over looked what he was trying to say in the first place. He was not referring to a post that someone else had made in the last 31 pages. He was referring to the very first post on this thread. The topic. In it it says that this thread is not Bootcamp thread nor is it a Mac Vs. PC thread. No need to rummage, simply go back to the first page. It's an honest mistake to make. What may not be so honest of a mistake might be the views mentioned previous on how games use developers. Making a Mac client is not as costly and complex as most assume it is. Having worked in the game design industry and after being familiar with many veteran and freshman developers, the world works different than most think. I think you'll find that with a little more research you might find not only the truth but the reason why some Mac users are so confused by Bioware's decision to ignore the Mac platform and it's users. Those inside the industry know that a Mac client in SWTOR is not a decision based on cost, it is based on ignorance. This thread is to show support of a client. There are many other threads for Bootcamp and the like.
  11. Unfortunately that point may not be totally valid. People have said for the past 2 years that there should not be a Mac client because it would take away from development. Well there will always be development. I am not implying that you think there should never be a client, however development and ironing out bugs will always be a part of any MMORPD. Many think that Bioware as a company need to see the value in a Mac client base, just as Blizzard, Valve, and even Bioware itself has seen for many years. 2 clients does not necessarily mean twice the debugging and problems. Game clients for multi platform games do not code completely separate clients, don't think of it as separate programs but versions of a single program. Remember that each client is made of a single game engine. Game engines are modified and not rewritten. the HERO engine is almost finished being coded for the Mac platform, it's only a matter of time till a client hits. This thread is to show Bioware that there is a Mac client base hungry for SWTOR on OS X.
  12. This thread is not for preferences in OS platforms. If you would like to discuss Mac Vs. PC you may start a thread of your own. Please confine comments to the topic of this thread. Thread Topic: Do you support a Mac OS X client in Star Wars the Old Republic?
  13. Your opinion of which platform is best is not the topic of this thread. THIS IS NOT A MAC VS. PC THREAD. PLEASE READ THE THREAD TOPIC.
  14. All of your statements are incorrect. Most Mac users do not run Bootcamp. The cost and effort. The Mac was NOT 5% last year. Lunix is also NOT 7%. THIS IS NOT A BOOTCAMP THREAD. Please be so kind as to use the Bootcamp thread for those discussions.
  15. Android is more popular? Did that happen today or something?
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