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  1. Jaesa is full out Sith if you go DS, no bones about it.
  2. Please, give me some credit, every few months.
  3. I'm a mechanic on some backwater planet (not Tatooine, too much traffic) that does enough work to get by and not draw attention to myself at all. Do I win?
  4. *feels massive disappointment * I play this game to explore my character's story, not have more of this has been shoved down my throat.
  5. Vader is, essentially, Anakin with a mad-on, so they're basically equal in my eyes.
  6. He's full out Sorcerer when you kill him in the Foundry.
  7. A mechanic in a very quiet, out of the way colony that never gets any galactic attention from anyone because of how damn boring it is. The Star Wars universe is freaking terrifying for anyone that bothers to look past the romanticism.
  8. The Jedi never enslaved the Clones. They Jedi actually treated the Clones better than the vast majority of the Republic, viewing them as more than just tools for war. The SITH ordered the creation of the Clone Army using a Jedi's identity, the REPUBLIC (under the influence of the Sith) decided to use them to fight the Clone Wars, the JEDI SERVE the Republic, thus they fought alongside the clones. In doing so they (the Jedi) actually cared about their (the Clones) deaths and well being, contrary to many of the naturally born officers of the Republic, who didn't mind sacrificing more clones if it got them their objectives faster. The only person to ever come close to claiming that the Jedi enslaved the clones was Karen Traviss, She Who Destroys Verisimilitude, and she is to be ignored with extreme prejudice.
  9. *Cough* No, actually, they did not. In fact, the Jedi were the only group of people as a whole to treat the Clones as individuals rather than just tools to be used.
  10. Han Solo Wedge Antilles (The ONLY person to survive two Death Star runs)
  11. ... Why would anyone want to? That game was a pile of ***** years before it was shut down.
  12. I thought this debate was settled a long time ago.
  13. I'd actually put the "cross of fire" on the Scythe down as a win-loss situation. Most of its firepower was focused towards the front, if a Pellaeon got up on its side it would be boned, it's broadside capability was too low.
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