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  1. Eh ... what Decos are you talking about? Edit: Sorry, I found out right now ... Reading before Posting, tsetsetse
  2. And it worked for me a few moments ago - for the gear and also for the tacticals! thx very much!
  3. Problem should be solved now: Ingame Mail buggy
  4. Yepp, Mailman Blues on Tulak Hord, on every single character ... can confirm that.
  5. Ich hatte auch mal eine Zeitlang die verbuggten Kodexeinträge (in deutsch) im Forum gesammelt, allerdings habe ich irgendwann mal im Sommer 2017 irgendwie die Lust verloren, die Liste weiterzuführen. Für alle Pre 5.0-Einträge ist die aber sicherlich noch halbwegs zu gebrauchen; Auflistung aller aktuell problematischen Kodexeinträge
  6. Just yesterday I found it by myself & wanted to post it down here. So you was much faster than me.
  7. One of em was obtainable by clicking a bedroll in a cave, the cave (and the bedroll) is still there, but it's not clickable any longer ... I'm not shure which of the two codex entries was granted. I can confirm that, too. Thx for it, I will have a look.
  8. Any Idea where to get the datapad for "Strike Base XR-484" (as imperial Player, of course)?
  9. I know it has been requested many times, but during the preparation of 6.0 (I'm shure you guys are working on it) may I ask once more about Legacy codex? I was more than thankful that it's no longer needed to collect all the datacrons again and again with every single toon, but what I really miss is that feature for all the other codex entries. I mean, as long this is possible for the datacrons (which grants every single codex entries behind 'em), would it be very helpful for the rest of the entries. I try to collect every single entry (as long it's obtainable) during my journey on every single planet with every single toon, but sometimes it's very frustrating. The Leveling is so easy in 2018 (compared to the way it was at the launch of the game), but collecting the codex entries is not. But that would not only be for time savings, also for bugfixing. You know, that there are still codex entries in the game which are bugged for several classes and fractions (full list here - thanks to EnmaAii). Many of 'em would be fixed with a legacy-wide grant. More information - here -
  10. Same problems here - Can't get to rooftop garden. - Completetion at 81% (Down from 100%)
  11. I don't think that there is need for a Rollback. But there are for shure things to do better in the new conquest system. In my opinion it would be better to count em up instead of a simple crying for a rollback ... I think there is a wrong decision in the weighting of the individual goals - some operations are earning 7,500 points + group finder points, a single PVP- or GSF-match only brings a handful of points (even only in a win) ... there is potential for a change I think ... Thanx 4 the answer.
  12. I did not read the whole Thread (70 Pages in 2 Days - wow!), so sorry if the question has been posted earlier; I would like to know if it's working as intended that some repeatable quests are counting points only once a day? Doing a single Gree-Quest for example is really ridiculous ...
  13. I did regular Conquests with 1 or 2 Toons, except for the ‘Crafting Conquests’ I've usually tried to push all of my Alts on personal rewards. As long I’m in a smaller guild (my Guildmates did no Conquests Objectives to reach their Rewards) I had no real Chance to reach some guild rewards with Conquests. At the first Look it was not too difficult for me to understand the new goals, but I was a little surprised. The new crafting goals are very high. The PVP and GSF scores, on the other hand, are very, very low, even if they are not my favorites in the game. Here I think could have been a chance, for example, to make GSF a little more attractive, as a single match could bring more points. I like the fact that finally a meaningful use for the invasion forces was found, on the one hand as currency for new decorations, on the other hand as a commodity for a conquest target. But by the way; an explanation of how the donating works would have been nice, it took me almost an hour to understand how it works.I know that there is an explaining popup during a mousover, but how often you do that with mats? No one I asked on the fleet even knew how to do it. Commander's Compendium is BOP. I understand that as a motivation to make conquests with different chars each week to allow every Toon a companion pushed up to 50. I like that. Many things that thought would be terrible was not so bad (for me personal) at the second look. However, the point weighting of the individual goals should be kept in mind and maybe re-evaluated a later time. Sorry for any eventual awful grammar ...
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