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  1. It affects some classes more than other. Basically the more instant casts you have the more you will feel its effects. If most of your spells are channelled or have cast times longer than the GCD you won't feel it nearly as often.
  2. No what he's saying is that animations should clip if the cast bar is done. Basically, if I my GCD is up and I push a button the new ability should occur, no matter what stage the animation is in. There's also a side issue of some instant cast stuff not going off until an animation completes which can make things like interrupting difficult. It seems to manifest most often when people are doing things like competitive pvp where timing down to the second matters. But it is noticeable in PvE as well. That's the basic point about the animation/gcd priority, if I understand it correctly.
  3. You know the thing that really gets me: the broken codex. It takes the fun out of exploring when you know you're just going to have to go back and do it again when they fix everything, or you spend 6 hours looking for something that is broken and unfindable.
  4. There's plenty of people its just sharding.
  5. For what its worth, I feel your pain on my Merc. It just feels wrong, like there are these big gaps where the character is doing nothing on the screen. This wasn't an issue when when I played my assassin, that character's motions just seemed to flow better into each other. my 2 cents
  6. Hrmmmm.... Diablo 3 delays and patch delays...discuss
  7. Neither I nor my wife are getting them post 50.
  8. You have a 25 mission cap in you log. Using a datacron counts as a mission so you need no more than 24 missions in your log to use one.
  9. Of course some of the standing around issues would be cured with a global LFG tool, so at least you weren't standing around doing nothing. But the same people seem to be against that too. What I don't get is how spending a significant chunk of your play time standing around is fun?
  10. I would have prefered that they be separate at Character Creation, but that would have probably cost to much money.
  11. OR it lets you play a second spec as well, in case maybe you decide that in PVP you want to melt faces while at the same time being a raid asset for your guild. DUal-Spec also benefits a lot of people who perhaps have time to devote to one character but do not have time to devote to multiple alts. In a lot of ways it is an anti-time sink tool.
  12. Where do you get 8 classes? Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent = 4 Consular, knight, Smuggler, Trooper = 4 4 classes per side Wow 10 classes per side
  13. Okay, I'll make a posting about a permanent Fp group on my realm forum...oh wait...
  14. Because Wow has 10 classes, of those classes 4 have no spec apart from DPS, further only 4 have the ability to tank and 4 have the ability to heal. Further, in a 25 man raid you need 1-2 tanks, 3-5 healers, and 15 or so DPS. For SWTOR you have 4 classes per side with 2 AC per class. Of those every class can tank or heal. Further there are only 2 advanced classes per side that can do noting but DPS. Allowing for AC respecs would allow someone to shift from a dps only AC to one with multirole viability, while still maintaining what I believe will be raid viability due to what I would expect to be the 1-2 tank 3-4 healer and the rest dps pattern that I am given to understand the game has implemented. TL;DR: FPs don't need lots of dps, Ops need lots of dps. Letting dps tank or heal in FPs is a good thing.
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