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  1. Frankly, I enjoyed the family drama but I miss Empire vs Pub. And by that I mean I miss being an imperial.
  2. I haven't bothered to keep up with the gearing system for quite awhile-- until I read a few of these posts. I'm glad they've kept patching it because holy jesus...if you think the current system is bad, you have no idea. It's only a shadow of the original; the original was the apex of garbage.
  3. Damn son. I finally decided to log on and... I didn't lose any of my names! I suppose I'm a vet player, but I still expected to lose a few. I have a lot of basic names without fancy letters. And while I think this merge is years late, I'm still happy they did it.
  4. It's funny because I've actually seen a decline in white knights. Either they've been banned or got bored? There use to be one-three of them per thread ripping the faces off of anyone who dared to criticise the game. Feedback threads are much calmer and nicer now.
  5. They abandoned and thus destroyed most of their raiding community long ago. Plus many more communities when they (mostly) stopped producing MMO content and instead focused on solo content. Unless they start pumping out FFXIV/WoW sized expansions with MMO content being the bulk of it, they probably wont be winning much of their old playerbase back. Although I don't think any of my FFXIV guildies would trust SWTOR to keep it up... Most of them strongly dislike SWTOR and all of us are former hardcore SWTOR raiders.
  6. It might not have been good enough to prevent server merges, considering all the focus the devs put on taking the MMO out of this MMO for the past few years. They obliterated most of their stable player base. But... I still think it could've helped the game remain a bit healthier. Extremely slow or dead pops make a game seem well... dead... and can drive away (even casual) players. tl;dr in the end, I still think they would've needed to merge because of dead servers, but cross server might've helped keep the game a bit healthier.
  7. For real though. Did people expect the devs to balance something properly? After years of riding the extreme nerf and buff rollercoaster, it's strange to see feedback threads still.
  8. As a west coaster, I don't care. I'm aware that people still play this game seriously though so that sucks for them.
  9. SWTOR has to compete with MMOs that can pump out buttloads of content... Where expansions are actual expansions. You know, quadruple the content SWTOR has put out in years. I honestly don't think it'll ever be able to revive the community it once had.
  10. I remember the game being a lot move lively when they regularly released MMO content. My old server was full of competition and life. Now years after they stopped producing it my old server is completely dead. My high end raiding guild and all of it's competitors moved to FFXIV, everyone else I assume moved to Harb. Maybe they made bank on the bursts of people from their story "expansions", but I personally don't think they were worth driving away a community.
  11. Wait.. SWTOR is a MMO? I thought it was a single player console game.
  12. Agreed. Please do not mess with the temporal time line Devs.
  13. NOPE Because I don't care enough. I am going to attempt to get a certain name just to troll my SWTOR guild though. Legit gunna cry laughing if I get it.
  14. Raids and multiplayer content in general certainly help with long term player retention. Especially when people know there's going to be consistent releases of that content. Carrot on the stick, etc. I don't agree with the MOBA comment. None of them are even remotely creeping up on MMO monsters of today when you look at numbers. But maybe they will start to. I also dislike them so I'm bias.
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