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  1. And you as an expert game developer can confirm that what he wrote was "largely correct"? You people and your "expert" opinion about swtor is laughable and pitiable at the same time.
  2. PFFTTT....FTTTT......bwahahahah...AHAHAHAHA....yeah man and i am king of england...hahahahah..ahahahah...
  3. No they should not be permabanned, EAWare Austin should pay them for the advertisement they are doing for SWToR. Of course there are a few who are crying like babies over companion change and level down option but mostly these leaks are generating massive positive feedback and attention from those who never even tried swtor before and those until now considered it a "pricey WoW clone", not to mention active players, i have seen a lot of feedback in reddit like these. And without a doubt with 4.0 this game will see a major influx of players even if force awaken movie doesn't get released. They could have kept the classes untouched but overall most changes that are coming will be good for the game and EAWare Austin should reward the dataminers and nada breakers since they are the ones getting SWToR this much positive attention.
  4. No, 15$ a month is not for one chapter every month, it is a charge so that :- 1. EAWare Austin doesn't eat your quick bars 2. EAWare Austin doesn't eat your mission reward. 3. EAWare Austin doesn't eat your FP loot. 4. EAWare Austin doesn't force you to show fugly helmets. 5. EAWare Austin doesn't eat the credits you earn in game. And much more convenience.
  5. And i will be much more happy if they make companions "pointless" PvP situation too. Companion gearing was nothing but BS in the 1st place, at least it was to me, i never found it a must do to gear them up beyond basic end game gears, using them in group content is just saying "we have less players playing the game so use companions to fill the gap". And PvP for companion was BS of highest order, "player" VS "player" should not include npc companion that is not part of a class mechanics(for example hunter pets in WoW or warlock demons). i hope EAWare Austin remove companion participation in PvP. those of you who are crying for companion gear, i pity you, there are much more important thing to cry about, new ops, pvp map, improving the overall performance of game client are few to name but you decide to complain about something so trivial.
  6. No, not really, because if you are equipping 65 dark crystal gears and you have been leveled down you will still have +X(number depends on which gear you are equipped with) more mastery and endurance and a lot of secondary stats than someone who is genuinely at low level. Your gear and advancement WILL matter.
  7. Ok i have been talking to a game reviewer who was invited for testing of kotfe, according to him/her :- 1. Level down is forcefully activated for testing purpose. If the feature makes into live version it will be optional. 2. They are having trouble with leveling down, for example some players are doing level 60 damage while being in a level 15 fp and vice versa. So if they can't fix these issues, we won't see level down in kotfe. 3. Leveling down in fp will only happen if we queue thorough GF, we can still manually enter as 60/65 and help our lowbie buddies. Same with open world. But if we complete fp/heroic through level down we will get extra reward. And if level down doesn't get fixed we will not see them in fp or worlds, in fp we will all be bolstered to 65 or something since bolster works as it is now(kind of). 4. They were thinking of level down on level 50, 55 and 60 SM ops but that will not happen now since they have no time to tune level down for ops too. And that is about it. So no need to fuss over it, the feature might not even make it in game.
  8. HAHAHAHA.... That could absolutely work, new skill and utility points without raising level cap. And they could have done it through an alternate progression system and they could even call it "outlander level". But i think they are just totally out of idea as to how they could do it without totally unbalancing the classes. That is why i said i would not touch things that are already working.
  9. I think at this point devs are out of ideas, they are not lazy, they are just out of ideas, they have no idea how to add more abilities for a class according to it's lore while keeping the number of abilities to a minimum. thus all the class will now get some type of mobility skill and some skills are being pushed back. I hate to be in their shoes right now but i would not have touched something that is already working, that is just asking for more trouble. What are they going to do when they will have to raise level cap again?
  10. Talking about datamined content on forums...forum mods must be sleeping with the fishes if they are not deleting posts like this...
  11. Storm at 61?? guys what the big stinking pile of piece of trash is this??? you guys want us to play PT/VG tank at all? the level of incompetence you guys are showing with class changes this dlc is beyond anything i imagined. horrible guys, just horrible. At this point you guys are thinking : "it is ok guys, we have the Star Wars name, so no matter what kind of trash we throw at these morons they will just eat it up and we will be even more rich!!"
  12. They never said companion crits for crew skill are going away, please stop making issues out of thin air. It's true we are losing individual companion crew skill bonus but now all companions will be suitable for all crew skills. And currently we get bonus efficiency and crit at affection 10K, that will stay as it is as far as they have mentioned. And we might get even more bonus with more influence/affection, so please be patient until official info release.
  13. I am just thinking if they continue this trend what would happen at 5.0? My guess : no utility point until 20, abilities pushed further back, for example ability that is to be gain at 42 will now be given at 45 or even 50!!! Seems like it will be fun during 5.0!!!
  14. I was reading an article on homosexuals in hollywood several years ago(it was on the front page of yahoo.com on that day), there was this actress(totally forgot her name) in 40's, she was very famous and she was the 1st to admit she was lesbian but later she said she did not say she was lesbian, she said that she just leans both ways. She also said that there are not lesbian or homosexual in hollywood, we are all bisexuals here. I think bioware took her sentiment to heart
  15. ^ what he says. it is the fault of morons who buy gambling packs and support this kind of disgusting business practice in online games.
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