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  1. Still no valid response from BW apart from changing the thread title because its okay to screw us over but not to talk about it! That and the usual mindless drivel from the fanboys! I can see why terms such as useless, incompetent etc are starting to become synonymous with BW. Subscription closed.
  2. Seriously, We get a new server! We have lvl 50's who raid and play endgame, but we have to wait almost 2 months before we can bring them across and actually play on the better latency? Which person came up with this concept? You knew when the aussie servers were coming up and you did not allow for server transfers to happen immediately? So now if we want to play on our mains (Which we DO) we have to go back to the 250 latency pings for another 2 months! Bravo! And what happens when people take existing legacy surnames which we cannot reserve? This is so pathetic! Well only solution for me: End subscription till April and then try again! The only reason I renewed my subscription was because of wanting to play on low latency servers! And for anyone wondering where I am getting April from: Its in their FAQ: http://www.swtor.com/info/faq/game#q400115
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