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  1. The tooltips say 10%, they never said 20%. The people saying 20% are the ones who are measuring their damage output with and without Soresu. However, 4.1K is indeed around 90% of 4.5K (actually a bit better than that) which is what it should be. This is different from what was reported earlier in the thread. So maybe between the original post and your testing the devs put in a mini hotfix to resolve things?
  2. His degree is a BS. (Not Bachelor of Science though.)
  3. I keep saying they should sell a special subscription for people that's $5 a month and doesn't let you leave the fleet. Call it Star Wars: Galactic Chat Room.
  4. You're not getting the point... Your stronghold is great, and gives you all the benefits you mentioned above. The problem is, why bother with a guild stronghold when you get everything with your own personal stronghold already. You're essentially strengthening the argument.
  5. This just means that architecture in the Star Wars universe also enjoys the benefit of cloning technology.
  6. In This Thread: Man Marries Toaster Story at 11.
  7. It's still great. It's a useful clutch self-heal. If you need it more often than every 2 minutes you're doing something seriously wrong.
  8. The storyline is a pretty typical "hero saves the galaxy" thing, not all that exciting. But there's some flexibility in dialog. There are often opportunities to make sarcastic or ironic comments, it's not all "sage wisdom" or "righteous anger" (or "murderous power-monger" for dark side characters). Not as fun as the dialog for some other characters (you have to love smugglers!) but it's not all bad. And I love the playstyle of the Jedi Knight. Force Leap is my favorite move in the entire game. Once you learn that move there is no going back.
  9. I pretty much only PvE with my Sorcerer. But the 10m Electrocute is annoying. I hate the fact that I have to run up to someone to stun them. It's stupid with every other ability I have being 30m (except for Overload, which is intended to knock away people that get too close so I understand it). I strongly suggest they change it to 30m for Sorcerers, not to balance the class, but just because it's an annoying skill otherwise.
  10. I play both a MM Sniper and a Lightning Sorcerer. The Sorcerer is flashier and has the heals that can help in a pinch if you need an off-healer. The Sniper seems to have more burst and I can drop things faster. I'd say as far as "fun" goes, I have more fun with the Sorcerer. There is this great feeling of power that goes with blowing the heck out of stuff with huge purple bolts of lightning. I can't stop smiling when I destroy things. Maybe there's something wrong with me. The Sniper is good though. Probably more efficient as a pure damage-dealer. And I like the Agent storyline more. One major difference I've noticed is that with a Lightning Sorcerer, your Force barely goes down. At least at the point I'm at (in my 30s) my resource bar rarely dips below 75% ever, even in long boss fights. There are so many mechanics that reduce or eliminate the cost of abilities that it's something you don't even have to think about most of the time. The Sniper, on the other hand, is one where I have to be a bit careful and hold back to avoid depleting my resources. And the lower your pool, the slower it regenerates, so with the Sniper you have to always keep an eye on it to avoid falling into a hole.
  11. I still use Strike as a tank every once in awhile. It's really rare though. I literally use it if I have nothing else to do (because everything else is on CD), it at least gives me a bit of Focus. It has no CD and it executes immediately so it's helpful. What I have trouble figuring out is when to use Master Strike. It's decent DPS (especially if you boost it with talents) but I dislike the fact that it takes so long and most of the damage comes at the very end so if you interrupt it, it's a waste. If I use Master Strike when other stuff is on CD, something comes off CD before the attack is finished and I'm stuck between the choice of either letting it finish and delaying a better attack, or interrupting it and losing the DPS (and threat) I was about to do. It's not bad enough that I've taken it off my bar (and I do have Master Focus specced) but I struggle to figure out when to use it. (I'm level 55 in case anyone is wondering.)
  12. I found Doc to be the best companion for me, his healing is absolutely incredible. Essentially when I'm running up against something that's particularly difficult, I'll bring him out if I'm struggling. Personality-wise, he's pretty full of himself but his comments also crack me up sometimes. I'm a bit partial to him because his default look (and attitude) reminds me of Bruce Campbell (though his chin needs to be about 3 times bigger). Then again, I'm not playing a female character, so he treats me more as a buddy than something to ogle.
  13. Force Leap is the Jedi Knight skill, Force Charge is the Sith Warrior skill. Are you Imperial or Republic? Also, make sure you look under you main class and not your specialization (your skills are separated between the two different groups).
  14. I agree there should be more ways to influence companions. That was one of the strengths of the KotOR games, that you could influence companions to go light/dark side through your actions and interactions. It would make the game much richer to have the same dynamic here.
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