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  1. It seems like unless they do a big expansion at once they have some fragmentation of content and congruency problems i dont want a bunch of stitched together daily zones i want a story mode continent with a consistent theme and so far they havent been able to deliver that.
  2. Just wait till someone steals or you lose your key and they dont beleive its you ala direct2drive. If they are that stralped for cash they cant produce some discs thats pretty sad seeing how ea manages to crank out milions every year
  3. Tiny daily hubs are barely enough to consider it content. Definately not an expansion allthiugh for bioware they considered one small planet with dalies an expansion wheras other companies release twice as many levels with a whol continent instead of one zone. Id gladly pay more for a real expansion Dont know where the idea that a few dalies are considered an expansion came from but i wish it would go away and get replaced with actual storyline moving content. Ie class stories. Ya know. The thing they hyped up that was the best feature in the game
  4. No you are making assumptions. I never said it was more complicated but its less dumbed down than wow and older generation mmos are less dumbed down than this game. When mmos were a niche it attracted the hardy gamers that were able to appreciate the sphistication and complexity without having adhd nerdrage kick in so fast. It required a certain patience and trial by error none of the spoonfeeding going on today to appease jimmy the ritalin baby with the attention span and patience of a fruitfly. Personally i liked them that way as the complexity kept the kind of ppl away that permeate the genre today and make it worse
  5. Considering a game called horizons got cancelled and had a vastly superior crafting system it obviously gets too little priority and when it does people leave cause something else usually lacks
  6. Maybe part 22 might have some new info or something more than hype
  7. Wow is like the angry birds of the genre. For uncultured, unsophisticated and low information gamers. Ie - morons
  8. The ship isnt playe housing. Its simply a transport mechanism. They just say its housing so they wont have to make real housing Nothing was stolen. Something has to be owned before i can be stolen and they dont own ideas that have been floating around for a decade plus On that note maybee swtor should "steal" ideas. Aside from the game being wow in space plus companions and sabers its all original
  9. Oh yeah im prett sure i speak for them when i say its a multiplayer game ment to be played with groups for group content. Im not saying anything you havent said yourself You want to solo heroics. Thats fine. If it weren ment to be a group instance and in the mmo genre. Unless im mistaken thats what you want is it not? So yes i do speak for them when i repeat what is in the game description on the box. Why are you even playing an mmo if your intent is to avoid other players. You just sound like a fickle kid that wants to feel strong by pwning the ai thats ment for groups
  10. Yes you are expecting to be catered to there is no other reason form them to redisgn a team game other than your anti social tendencies. You can expect more of the same. Asking to solo group intended content is like going to mcdonalds and asking why there is no gourmet low fat menu. Or expectigcto find a new aston martin at a used car dealer Im not being closed minded im thinking within the confines of the genre which if you had it your way would never interact with another human. Im pretty sure anyone who says its a multiplaye game ment to be played by groups of people would align with biowares philosophy otherwise theyd have made another kotor single player game. Dont come here expecting kudos for some grand idea that is about as practical as me buying a plane ticket and expecting the pilot to drive it on its wheels to my destination
  11. Well if you dont accept other peoples thoughts then dont expect us to accept yours. We gave yo the alternatives but obviously you only accept what you want to hear instead of the truth. If you want to solo go play a solo game or make friends and run it. They arent going to cater to you just because you wat to be antisocial.
  12. Heaven forbid you get forced into grouping in the single most solo friendly mmo on the market. Nobody os forcing you into it. Over level it and then do it as a high level or golly gee make some friends that will go with you. You cant be anti social and expec to be able to solo GROUP content
  13. Like i said some people still have common decency and just because people can and do choose to do it does not make it accceptable. Throwing your hands up and say " well ppl do i anyway so it doesnt mattter" is dismissive and weak
  14. Dude should have eniugh common decency to let someone have it who is clearly deserves it more if they are fighting for it more than a self entitled scavenger. It didnt use to be like this and in pvp games still isnt. Thats how ppl still find ways to grief others. Do that on a pvp game and youll get put in place fast If said jerk wasnt a jerk he wouldnt need to gather while fighting not everyone has that "me first im the only one that matters" mentality
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