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  1. I think you have the wrong scene. It's more like the part where Jaws aka EA is eating the Capt aka BW and the boat aka SWTOR is sinking. Too late to get that bigger boat.
  2. LOL this is like a real life version of The Emperor's New Clothes! 25% loss since the last report. People not counted? People that left because of missing features that were supposed to be in 1.2. What a beautiful robe your majesty!
  3. 400k people like me make things happen. Tell us again how this game is doing?
  4. Can anyone translate? All I see is BAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAA
  5. People with your attitude are what is wrong with todays world. You accept the mediocre. Your entire post is completely backwards. People like me don't accept delivered food if it's cold. I treat people exactly how they deserve to be treated. If I pay for a service, no matter what it may be, I expect to get what I am paying for. I expect a company to deliver what they say they are going to deliver. Your interpetation of my get things done statement is very telling of your world view. With a company a big as BW I can't make a change by myself, I accept that. Thing is, it's not just me and that is what you are not seeing. Yes, I really do walk around with this attitude. I don't need the protection of anonymity because of it. That's what make us different. I'm no sheep. Enjoy your 56k connection while paying for cable. Enjoy your unlimitted data plan until you reach 2 gig. Enjoy being stomped on by every company you deal with for fear of them being too big to change. Enjoy your occupy protest sheep.
  6. People like me make things happen. People like me call people out on their bullcrap. People like me don't let others walk all over them and hope things turn out better next time. People like you are taken advantage of. People like you are sheep. You're right there is an option for people like me and we are expressing it every day on these forums. Have a look around, if you can keep your head out of the sand long enough. How's the game doing so far? If BW isn't able to implement a change, they should come out and say so. Be upfront about it. Not avoid questions on a game we pay to play. They knew exactly what they were doing. Do you take this treatment from all your service providers? No need to answer as I already know the answer. I take my business elsewhere.
  7. There's a huge difference between "here's something we would like to do" and "here is what is coming in 1.2" followed up with conferences, videos, interviews, blogs and random postings hyping the crap out of the content they said they were adding to this patch. It's not me that needs to pull my head out, I'm seeing things quite clearly. It would have taken a simple statement like they did with rated warzones before they released the patch. Instead, they come up with some half arsed excuse and how long did it take to pry that out of them?
  8. Back at ya doormat. Well the car salesman said it ran great but he didn't say it only ran great when you could get it to start.
  9. LIE 1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive 2: to create a false or misleading impression The only thing they want to do with this game is keep the money flowing in. Apparently, if that means they need to deceive their customers into paying for another month by offering false promises they will. Proven track record of that.
  10. Liars and thieves, the lot of them. Riding on the coat tails of the Star Wars franchise.
  11. This thread has all the quotes you need as to what BW said and wanted us to believe. I'm not going to relink them. Stop rationalizing, they flat out lied. There is no question about that.
  12. I won't fall for the bait and switch again. The Star Wars brand can only keep me hooked for so long. I despise being lied to. What has happened to BW? A sad day indeed.
  13. Yes, I did and it has nothing to do with this thread.
  14. And not a single one that didn't exist prior to 1.2 which is the reason for this thread.
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